When You Can’t See Clearly Ahead Trust the Light That Guides You-May Soul Insights & Numerology

Look for the openings this month. This month is not a time of focusing on the obstacles in your life.
It is a time of focusing on what is working, what is fulfilling, what is bringing the payoff and the “grace and ease”

This month is a 45/9 month so the endings, loss and deaths can be intense; as well as “out of the blue”…

My wonderful Yoshi, furbaby released her body and crossed over at 16 earth years, Saturday, April 18th just as the energies of the New Moon in Taurus, which were aspecting my Moon in the 8th house of death and deep connection and deep transformation; as well as collectively aspecting Uranus in Taurus of releasing and unexpected change…
I thought she would cross over this May – June; however, by Thursday I saw and received the message it would be on the weekends.

The endings, delays, releasing and deaths whether figurative or literal are happening to restructure the energy in your life for expansion…
New directions; as well as new ways of expressing yourself, working and creating in your life is coming about for more Soul connection and Soul expression.

May is a very transitional month. There are changes and openings; however, due to the Retrograde energy there is a lot of tidying up, wrapping up, completing, and circling back around for completion and closure.
It’s also a time to be philosophical, align to the actual flow of circumstance and life; as well as take more time for connecting to Spirit.

Many of you will begin to see the results of your efforts. May, as well as June of this year energetically are good months to re-evaluate, assess and make adjustments.
This is one reason it is really important to not waste your energy in the form of focus, time, persistence, money or struggle to open doors that have been closed or locked.

If you have projects already in mind; and have begun something close to your heart mid to end of May is a great tine to broadcast, publish, launch and in general let others know what you are doing; as well as join in with others in their plan or projects.. For some what was begun in the past is a relationship that could no become more prominent. For some there will be some returning from your past, some sort of reconciliation, or clearing the air. For some there will be a new relationship that is very meaningful and reflect something to you; as well as be important to your current learning and life circumstances.

If you can be flexible and open you will receive the signs, messages and synchronistic connections and experiences that will guide you on your path. Trusting your intuition and. Inner knowing will be key this month…and beyond…. Use this month and the next 3-6 months to practice and reinforce your intuition. There is a guiding force within the Universe and it is within you and so this is the time to us align with it and use it….

Soul Insights Affirmation:

I am on a Divine Soul Path and I am Divinely guided….

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