Michele Meiche, an artist, guide, creator & self-proclaimed techie, has worked with thousands of people nationally and internationally to inspire and teach them the tools to live more fulfilled and prosperous lives. She works with her clients to connect more deeply with their own inner knowing in order for them to make empowered and soul expressed decisions. The author of Meditation for Everyday Living, 5 Step Emotional Clearing, Transforming Fear into Creativity among other books and CDs, the Host and Executive Producer of Awakenings Podcast, a Transpersonal Therapist, a Hypnotherapist, an Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach, a Fellow of the National Board for Hypnotherapy and a Hypnotic Anesthesiologist as well as a member of Transpersonal Psychology, she is a constant student of life and the mystery of All That Is. Michele has extensive experience in television and media and, as a spiritual techie, she understands where spirituality meets technology and how technology is moving spirituality to the next level.

Michele's Journey:
My diverse clientele has been one of my greatest fortunes and blessings.  I have worked with all walks of life whose interests and motivations vary including students, teachers, children, CEOs, business & social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, stockbrokers, day traders, healers, technologists, actors, singers, celebrities, athletes, politicians, futurists, real estate brokers and everyone in between, behind and beyond.

In my work as a model, actor, TV & radio host, dancer and artist, I connected with a circle of people that most only see in the media.   I jetsetted around the globe, spending time on yachts, dined and vacationed with royalty and aristocrats as well as the heads of state, diplomats and Fortune 500 leaders.  I was also a teacher, a restaurant host and did a lot of odd jobs, like sign marketing on the streets of Chicago.

What I have learned over the years is that I love, feel and therefore deeply connect with people. Because of this, I have been able to amass tremendous insight, wisdom, information and knowledge from those who are experts in their fields. I am also able to see the common thread in people who are truly fulfilled and successful in their lives. In doing so, I glean what really makes people happy in all aspects of their lives including career, life purpose, relationships and romance.

As a teacher and a constant student of life unfolding, I have helped many people live a life of their dreams and attain the goals, visions and love life they desire.  One client summed it up, "Not only does Michele help clear the blocks so that you can live a fulfilling life that you love but she also assists with healing so you can be in a relationship that you love.”

With Soul Playground, I have begun my next level of Soul Expression. I'd love to assist you to be “more you” and shine in your Soul Expression.   I am teaching, however I am definitely learning to be even “more me” allowing even more of the authentic, Soul of Me, to shine through.

Let's do this together. Let's play in a big, ever expanding sandbox, connecting, co-creating, collaborating and sharing in this Soul Playground.