Taurus New Moon-The Higher Octave of Love- Your True Power is Knowing Your Beauty, Truth and Value

This New Moon in Taurus conjuncting Uruanus in Taurus is creating a portal for a more light and a more potent expression of a higher octave of love from the Universal Heart.
As values are refined and what is essential is revealed more spiritual light and energy is being released.

This New Moon is exalted creating a wider heart opening to really feel the love of earth, the cosmos, yourself, and to open to a a more expanded unconditional love of each together.

Something or someone is leaving and something or someone new is coming in for you…

Choose what is most essential and valuable for you…
See your value and worth and be open to the idea of more fulfillment and abundance, even if you don’t know the “way or how”…

This New Moon in Taurus has a very powerful placement to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. The Taurus conjunction of the Moon and Uranus; as well as the square to Saturn is brining out a deeper clarifying, releasing, purging and understanding of our dreams, desires, wants and values and how it affects us emotionally.

For some this will be a somber New Moon with the Saturn connection; for others it will be very clarifying and freeing.

During the next 2-4 weeks expect the unexpected Our desires and the desire body are being purified and clarified.
The desire body connects into the Astral Plane and corresponds to our emotional body.

What we are passionate about we draw into manifestation and expression to be experienced and lived.

In Taurus our desires our purified and stabilized.

You cannot heal in an environment that made you sick to begin with in your life…
The time is to release the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs.
There can be energetic baggage holding you back because you are holding onto something or someone from your past.

There can also be non life-enhancing limiting beliefs; as well as beliefs based on an old perception of yourself, or stemming from a sense of lack, or low self-worth.

This New Moon will shine a light on these areas and bring up old wounds, unhealed wounds and partially handled wounds.
Whatever has held you back you will begin to dig deeper to get to the release valve…

If you feel you are an emotional wreck or experiencing a mixed bag of emotions find ways to ride this emotional wave and get support.
Use your spiritual principles, emotional healing tools and ways to self-care, self-nurture, heal and empower yourself.

The light you receive; as well as the love and appreciation you will experience will be a lasting by-product from this energetic and planetary transit.

It’s time to wrap things up that were a part of your old life, old way of doing things and old view of you…
It is a time of being acutely aware of conditioned response patterns and identities that no longer reflect and genuine you and authentic life.

Taurus deals with values. What we value, what we deem precious and want to hold onto.

Taurus deals also with form and manifestation; as well as the forms of manifestation on the earthplane.
Taurus is the earth….

Terra forma…
Earth form…

Some forms need to be left, some dismantled, some updated, some transmuted and transformed into what is of more resonance, coherence in a way that brings more harmony and Soul expression for you.

Expect the unexpected the next 2 weeks, expect more to be revealed; as well as sudden changes, abrupt communications and unlooked for opportunities.

We are asked metaphysically and spiritually to anchor this expanded consciousness love through our creativity, self expression and creations.

Soul Insights Mantra:

The Light of Love surrounds me.
The Light of Love is me…
My life and creations are from this Light and Love part of me.

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