Scorpio Full Moon – I See Beyond the Veil of “What Is” to What Is Being Created

This Scorpio SuperMoon Full Moon on May 7th/8th is a deep dive into the depths of emotions and the spirit realm; as well as an opportunity to lighten up and lighten up your load from the past.
Whatever your load is and whatever has been weighing you down is going to come to the surface.
The weight here for most is metaphorical and some may be also experiencing it in the body. This feeling can actually be a body situation of being “over weight” and/or a sensory feeling of feeling weighed down, or held back.

As always the answer lies within, even as you receive signs, messages and guidance from other people and/or your outer world.
This week and all this month our inner world is greatly reflected in our outer world.
This reflection, much like a Full Moon’s reflection on a glistening lake brings to the surface what is only partially gleaned or not seen, or known until now.

The 3 phases and passages of Scorpio esoterically and metaphysically are:

In the phase and passage of the Scorpion there is a stinger that comes out when one feels hurt, in danger, feels fearful, uncertain or like one has been “done wrong”…
In this phase the Scorpion is living out the ‘Mortal Coil’ of the human condition and playing out the extremes of duality of the polarity plane.
Here is wining at all costs and a prominent focus on survival.
There is a tenacity and focus at this stage; and the passage is to play this out, to begin to rise above to finds other ways than simply the binary.
This is a placement that comes greatly from the ego, surface mind and what has worked before. The Scorpion has found a way that works for him/her in life and doesn’t necessarily want to change until, the way no longer works and so the seeker has to journey, connect within and search for something more…

The phase and passage of the next level of learning and integration the Scorpion has began a journey…
A “Dark Night of the Soul” – really a “Dark Night of the Ego” begins to take place. This is the placement of a, or “The Crucification”…
The experiences, relationship situations and circumstance that bring the crucifying ultimately bring a pressuring that culminates in a pressure point where one has to begin to rise above…
Diving deep into the depths of ones wounding, subconscious patterning and disappointments, betrayals of all kinds in this placement there is no where else to go, but within and to finally see both sides…
Being the wounded and the wounder, the victim and abuser, the successor and failure, the student and the teacher, the ambitious and the unambitious, the knower and the unknown a tension of the opposites is created and ensues…
One has to learn that all parts are within and blend, merge, harmonize and create balance within and without.
This works for awhile and a system of believing and living is created and lived, until the tension isn’t satisfied from a mere blending and balancing…
Inner structure breakdown and for some dissolve; and what is left is identity free and one is free falling to the ground of being…

From the ground of being one is in the fire of transmutation for transformation…
Everything grasped slips out of one’s grip…
Grasping pushes away and waiting to attract brings anxiety through the uncertainty.
This is the place esoterically and metaphysically of the ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ having passed through some kind of new level and new arena one wasn’t quite aware of until now.
One looks around and says: I don’t recognize this place at all, or me for this matter…
It is because there is a deeper level of connecting.
Some breakdown has happened to set up for a breakthrough, but it has come at a cost.
What was built is no longer working, satisfying and not only do we not understand what is happening other people don’t understand us, or what is happening.
It is from this placement on the choice point of life that we begin to connect, attune and fuse with our Soul.
We don’t know what to do, and so we must rely on a Divine revelation, Divine guidance and something beyond the mundane…
A lot in our life is burnt to the ground in ashes all seems gone, and then we rise up…
We rise up as the Phoenix, renewed, resurrected, regenerated and more connected to our heart, our truth, more aligned to our Soul to believe, trust have faith and live more Soul expressed.


This Full Moon see in which placement you find yourself.
Listen to your Higher Self.
Dare to howl at the Moon with your own sound from deep within by expressing your truth and more of your Soul Expression.
Follow your heart and what enlivens you, fulfills you, brings you more experiences and expressions of love as well as what truly inspires you.
Trust whatever is revealed is for your highest good and most authentic and genuine expression of you.
See beyond the veil of “what is” to what is being created for you, by you and for the world.

Soul Insights Full Moon Affirmation:

I am part of the magic and mystery of life and I live it everyday.
I now step into the Divine Mystery and receive the guidance and insight that allows me more Soul expression and Soul fulfilling experiences.

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