You Are Your Future – September Soul Insights

The best way to predict the future is to invent it…

Interesting and wise words by Albert Kay


Interesting meaning – What gets your interest?

is it what you want to create?

The jolts and shocks of August are bringing many to the realization that is “now or never”.

This isn’t about fear, panic or doom and gloom.

It is about an understanding that the uncharted waters we are in does require us to steer the boat a bit.

We need to be at the helm from the awareness and perspective of our Higher Self.

Our highest self for the highest and most expressive part of our life…

Our Higher Self connects into our Soul Design and not only is a conduit for our Soul, but the mediating aspect of our Soul and earth life. 🌏 

This month collectively we are in a 50/5 cycle…

Change, new directions, upheaval, and the urge to create, self express – Soul express will be key.

What is thought begins to yearn to be expressed and experienced.

To some degree your thoughts coupled with your intention and actions creates your personal reality.

The mental plane and the messages you receive and give the Universe will be a guiding force for you.

The written word will be greatly highlighted; as well as other forms of media.

The underlying emphasis from what is written, viewed and seen is:

The understanding revealed is:

The message is the same.

The ways of communicating it and the outlets are many and change.

What’s your message?

Find your message and you find your way.

Understand your message and you live your Soul’s Purpose.

Express your message and you navigate successfully through these times and live a very Soul fulfilled life…

 A hint in the Soul Insights Mantra;

My message is what I convey

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