Turning Points and Turning Within To Move Forward

Very often it is during times of difficulty, intense change and crisis that positive change happens out of the stronghold of the crisis.
This April brings a time of turning points, lessons learned, loss, letting go, moving on; as well as gaining what you really need and what is most essential to you.

The word crisis in Latin means turning point.
It is a choice point, and always brings a new direction.
A turning point is directional, do we go back, to the left, to the right, or backwards…
By the time there is a crisis or during one there is no going back.
True crisis brings true choice.
You have to decide the situation and circumstances require it.

This year, 2020, is a double turning point year. A ten cycle is transformative enough with foundational changes, so image a “double turning point” year…
Everything is doubled, made more extreme and it repeats…
When a cycle repeats we can be more prepared.

This month is a time of evaluation and re-evaluation.
This re-evaluating is at a beginning and will be a focus this whole year.
It would do all of us good to think: “this is just the beginning”…
I don’t necessarily say the beginning of tragedy and pandemics, but the beginning of turning points, choice points and redirections of energy.

At this time you will be carefully weighing things in your mind. The focus will be on what brings you more balance, harmony and peace of mind.
Most of you will have a lot of synchronistic experiences and meet new people under synchronistic circumstances.
There is a Divine Justic at play and a Divine Nonchalance…

Faith, trust and a belief in something more will help guide your way.
Bring your spirituality more into your life; as well as spiritual tools that help you on your path.
You will also benefit by using spiritual principles, spiritual body-mind technologies such as sound healing, energy healing, reiki, acupuncture, color therapy, divination tools, numerology, astrology, sacred geometry, chakra balancing, and other holistic and metaphysical modalities.

Soul Insights Affirmation:

I am more than my physical body.
I am a Divine Soul expressing and experiencing life as me.
As I now express more of my Soul I attract more of what is of a fulfilling alignment to the genuine me.

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