Aries New Moon- You Have Soul Gifts and Talents- There Is a Soul Call to Use Them- Do You Hear It?

This powerful New Moon in Aries brings a focus on the Self/self and one’s Soul Gifts…
This focus is on your relationship between your Higher Self and little self.
It is time to get to the next level of the connection you have to your intuitive aspect of your being, the part of you that rests in the transcendent higher mind; beyond the local mind of analyzing and reason.
What are you doing here?
What are you really doing on planet earth at this time…
It’s time to strip down the particulars, let go of what is extraneous, superfluous, and simplify what is important to you to what is really fulfilling and satisfying to you…
This week starts a new cycle for the human part of us in humankind…
Meaning there is a redirection of energy birthing a new way of being, expressing, and living that is being birthed.
It’s in it’s infancy and beginning stages, but it starts with all of us – the true us.
Look to ways of being more authentic in your life and relationships.
Say more of what you need and want.
For many this means a little more “centered in self’; or a healthy selfishness…
The relationship to your Higher Self will be key now.
Make your decisions and plans from this part of you.
You are going to find you are in leadership positions, at home, with colleagues, friends, family and perhaps with those you are yet to know.
It is a time of remembering your gifts, and for some finding them.
What did you really like to do as a child?
Is there some creative outlet, pastime, hobby, project that you have been wanting to do; or perhaps you put it to the side as other parts of your life took over.
This Aries New Moon beginning on March 24, 2020 will begin a new way of viewing yourself and sharing yourself with others.
It’s time to think more of you, not at the exclusion of other, but in a way that you and your goals, dreams and visions are not only seen as important, but followed through on as important.
You will also begin to see that there are many ways to be a leader.
You will find yourself being a leader in a lot of different ways.
It is possible to be an important leader by example.
It isn’t always necessary to lead a group, a family or relationship overtly.
Learn to balance power as you lead so there is a give and take.
This way your leadership power is empowering.
Also, take time to explore inner landscapes, as well as external ones.
Even being on “Lock Down”, Self-Quarantine, Physical Distancing – I don’t like the term “Social Distancing”, since many are being more social, and having more meaningful connections and relating situations.
Take a walk, move your body, go for a hike and do something exploratory and adventurous this month…
Your adventure may come by seeing something in a new way; or taking a new route

Soul Insights Affirmation:

As I lead from a place of my authentic self I attract more meaningful connections and meaningful experiences.

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