Taurus Full Moon- Abundance as a Part of Universal Love.

Today, this Taurus Full Moon brings an illumination as to what you really value and love…
The energy is harmonizing and energizing in a balancing way.
Think wholeness, harmony, love, gratitude and fulfillment.
This powerful and absorbing Full Moon is a receptacle and delivery point for higher vibrational love and light.
It is the beautifying and illuminating intelligence of Source Energies…
Expect to feel loving, receive and feel more light; as well as feel more interconnected to life in all it’s beauty.

Art, music, PHI, the Divine Ratio and the esoteric metaphysical principle “Harmony Through Conflict” come under this moon’s influence.
The conflicts brought to light from the previous New Moon in Scorpio and the tense dance of Pluto and Mars has revealed some information, insights, reality checks, new priorities and new understanding to bring a culmination for much more inner peace.

It is a good idea to spend some time today appreciating what you like, love, value, and are in gratitude towards in your life.
Time for replenishing, self care, beauty routines, beatifying your body and or home will all bring a nurturing and harmonious result.
Be in grace and expect grace and ease.
Today is not a time to push, but to find and be aligned to the natural flow and true nature of things.

Full Moons carry and transmit culminating, completion; as well revealing energies.
What is complete, finished and brought to another level is seen and accomplished.
What was hidden from conscious awareness lying deep within one’s subconscious is revealed.
Take not of your feelings. What you are drawn to and are natural be drawn away from will give you great clues from your Higher Self as to what is now really important to you.
Focus on the sensual aspect of your being and life.
Be in gratitude to the abundance in your life, and see this abundance as a part of Universal Love.

This Full Moon energy is helping you see your intrinsic value, self worth beyond things and to become very aware of what you value at this phase on your Soul Path.
The prioritizing you do in the next couple of weeks will help you during the New Moon in Sagittarius to receive your insights, inspiration and “next big idea”; as well as align to the philosophy and more expanded beliefs that will help you to your next level of Soul unfolding, spiritual lessons, self expression and creative endeavors.

Full Moon in Taurus Affirmation:
As I value me I draw in what is of value to me.

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