Aries Full Moon-Higher Vibrational Spirituality and Higher Vibe Idea

This feisty and fiery Full Moon in Aries on October 13 is burning away the lower energetic frequency beliefs and ideas to get to a higher vibrational Spirituality…

The Moon in Aries esoterically is in the placement of “The Birthplace of Ideas”…
Aries is an initiation and initiation that gives birth to the ideas to the forms on earth and in our life which become manifest.
It is the seeds that have been planted that begin to sprout in the spring…

You are birthing something new from your thoughts and ideas…

Esoterically the co-rulers of Aries are Mercury and Mars.
Now, this is very interesting as the Moon is on the ‘Fourth Ray’; which is all about harmonizing and balancing out. This is the place of the metaphysical principle of “Harmony through Conflict”…

If we bring this esoterica knowledge and understanding of frequencies and how they “work” and how best to use them we can get a lot of insight into the energies that are ushering our Fall, or Autumn time of harvest and changing seasons.

Our lunar or moon energies can either have us in emotional conflict; or we can align to the energies uprising from within to see what is within, or below…

This is a major focus of the lunar energies…
It’s like taking a look underneath the hood of a car.
What’s needed? More oil, water, a tune up, change the tires, coolant?
It’s also an apropos metaphor to use the car as the analogy, because the moon influence the internal nature of all life including us. It also let’s us know how we are “getting around” in our life and what is truly motivating us; or you could say what is our motivating force…
In dream therapy and analysis a car represents our body. It is seen as representing the vehicle, or way in which we travel through life.

The human body is about 50-75% water and the average human adult body is 50-65% water.
An infants body is about 75-75% water. This is one of the reason infants absorb so much more emotionally and are very psychically open; as well as charged.

Water represents not only our emotions, but life energy. In Shamanic and Inner Plane work with the Subtle Energy and Etheric Field we drink more water to be a better conductor to allow more electrical charge or Spiritual Energy/Prana/Chi. We become better conduit to our spiritual energy and Spirt.

So, this Full Moon in Aries is a birther of new ideas in your life…
You have a chance to entertain new ideas by what is coming up from your subconscious mind; as well as changing emotional needs.
There will be a lot of testy, fiery and feisty energy that needs acknowleding, expressing and releasing into some form.

Now, if you know you have been doing the deeper innnerwork are more in touch with your emotions, feelings, listening to your intuition and know a good portion of the terrain of your inner world this Full Moon will be an energetic ride that is a delight.
it will be fiery and feisty, but you will feel prepared.

One important way to engage these energies is to not “fly off the handle” and getting into; or be lead into conflicts.
This whole week before and 1-1 1/2 weeks after will have many people in their feelings and acting out over emotionally- pouting, resentments, anger and general irritation will for some be the main expression.

This showing areas that need to be focused on for healing of past emotional wounds; especially in the area of one’s relationships to one’s mother, women, the ideas of care, self-care, emotional needs, family of origin issues around emotional care and living arrangements within one’s home.
In other words: “How did you grow up?” “What influenced you psychologically and how is this now laid in the foundation of your subconscious mind of beliefs?”

Chiron the ‘Wounded Healer’ is also in Aries, so this highlights the idea of healing old wounds, bringing what is hidden in our inner psyche up to the light of day; as well as how can we transmute this energy to transform our ideas.
In a simplistic explanation Chiron is all about our Achilles Heal – What’s our weak spot? Where do we keep getting injured, or pulled into the vortex of other’s issues and our own inner conflict, what and where is our core wounding; and how do we transmute to transform into our gifts?

So, you can either be ambushed by your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and reactions; or you can consciously get a handle on this energy by through your intention, awareness and conscious focus notice what seems to limiting, tight, restrictive; and like you are not receiving enough emotionally.

You can also focus on your own emotional healing, self care, self compassion and mothering. You can do this by journaling, taking time for yourself, acknowledging your feelings and true needs and wants and finding healthy; as well as life-enhancing ways to take care of the emotional aspects you.

Try to see both sides of a situation; whether this inner discussion and/or inner conflict is inside of you or with another person.
Don’t jump to conclusions; or let your temper flare.
Temperance and balance key this weekend and upcoming week.

Ask yourself what lights your fire?
Also, is it the fire of passion, fuel, creativity, righteous indignation, annoyance, irritation, or anger?
Is it a fire of motivation?
Is it a fire, or burning flame of inspiration and aspiration?

The type of fire within will show you where you are in your personal cycle…

After the cleansing fire comes the creative fire from the passion of love and purpose within… 🔥

The Soul is calling you to be “Soul Fueled and Spirit Led”…

I started using these terms together about 5-6 years ago realizing in the New Paradigm we are to be more “Soul Fueled and Spirit Led”
This means our passion, our fuel, what fuels us in life is to come more from our Soul; which is inspiration and this leads us to actions that are our aspirational.
Our inspiration leads to our aspiration…
The real fuel for us comes from our Soul. It is self regenerating and self sustaining.

The false fuel of fear, lack, scarcity consciousness comes from manmade mandates and the realm of the human surface mind. It all works just a different frequency, energy and experience.
When we are Soul Fueled we then are able to feel, hear, and actually taste Spirit, our spirit, spiritual nature and the Spirit of Source Energies of which we are a part of, as well as all life.

There’s a lot of reasons this Full Moon in Aries is aligning us to this understanding. It can also be this 10-10 Gateway Portal of Light.
I did a video on this on my ‘Soul Insights with Michele Meiche’ You Tube channel.

I wanted to share a bit of the depth of why and how a Full Moon and other Moon Cycles affect us. I’m giving you some basic points that you can take deeper. Suffice to say you can have the courage to dig a bit deeper this Full Moon Cycle and align to the lunar energies to get to the bottom of what truly motivates you and genuinely inspires you.
A lot in your life will be answered by contemplating on this and asking these questions:

Is what is motivating you what you want to motivate you?
Are you inspired?
What inspires you?
What are your aspirations?
How is your emotional awareness care for yourself and others?
What are your new ideas?
What is your big idea?
Where do you need, or want to take initiation in your life?

It’s all about what genuinely fuels you, inspires and motivates you. Getting clarity on your motivates and understanding what “lights your fire” -what fires you up in life will help you transition into more Soul expressed and fulfilled living.
Look for the ideas that you are gestating on to take a more tangible form in the Spring.
You are starting to plant, by what is revealed.

Full Moon Mantra

As I lovingly take care of my emotional needs I am empowered in love, truth and light.
I trust that as what motivates me comes to light I can align it to my Soul.
As I align to that which genuinely inspires me I am Soul Fueled and Spirit Led allowing all my needs to be met.

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