Turning Points and Decisions – Deciding Brings Empowerment

Don’t resist the changes; or what you intuitively know to be true…
Change is allowing what is already happening to you…

So often when we talk of change we talk about it as if something is happening “to us”…
I know I have in the past. I have come to know that now when I am contemplating change it has been brewing for awhile. Something in my lower; or unconscious awareness has detected that something needs to change. Something needs to be updated, unleveled, let go of; or perhaps I need a different approach.

Also, change happens to us, through us from us when another aspect or part of us needs to be made aware of, grow, transform and integrated into our personality.

I recently went through some ‘mind altering’ change….It altered my mind… There was a big question mark and some fear; however I am the better for it. I am also much more creative and connected to my Internal Power/Empowerment Source and the Source of all That Is; as well as nature.

This month there will be many decisions and a confirming feeling that a lot is getting put away and wrapped up. There will occasions for deeper awareness and an a deeper understanding of our true needs and wants.

We can’t really know what we want unless we really know ourselves.
We can’t know ourselves unless we take the time to get to know ourselves.

In the New Paradigm there is an emphasis on expressing life through the lens of the Soul..It is about Soul expression and experiencing life and love through the Soul frequency connection.

This month brings a fresh view of your past and present circumstances…
There may be sudden events that require not only your attention, but decisions from you.
New relationships, as well as new directions are a part of the energetic focus of this cycle.

There will also be geo-political, climactic, international, societal, community shake ups to reveal the actual truth. Not the truth that is on the surface, but the deeper truth that is beyond “the spin” of things. This will require either a letting go and leaving; or a commitment to something or someone. Just make sure that your first commitment is to you and your life.

This cycle brings the deep awareness that you have to put energy into what YOU WANT…
It’s time to put energy into what you really want and put your ideas into practical use.

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