Be Open to All Aspects of You

To every season there is change.
Each new cycle an ending and new beginning…

Be open to new approaches and the hint of new dreams.
Something “new” is “coming in”; and something “old” is going out; or “coming in” in a different way. This can be a “someone”; or a “something” in form of a job, or life situation.
In fact this something coming in, going out; or coming in differently may very well be expressed in your dreams, synchronistic encounters; as well as other messages, signs and “paranormal” experiences.

Be open to see; as well as feel your experiences and connections at this time. A lot is being revealed below the surface of things…
Be open to experiencing and expressing all aspects of you in life-enhancing ways…
It is a time to reach out, step out and express more of your authentic you.

You might feel as if if you “don’t know yourself”; or that you are doing things that seem uncharisteristically not you…
The deal is it is you….A part of you that was somehow lost, cut off; or never got fully developed and integrated into the “everyday you”… take time out to feel your feelings and check out the lay of the land… A very important part of you is wanting to connect with you..

There will be a need to verify feelings, thoughts and situations; however clarity for most won’t happen until this October; or by the end of the year.

If you have been working on projects and waiting on news that should happen mid month.

The energetic cycle this month is bringing situations to a close… Maybe not completely closed or finished, but you will definitely “see the writing on the wall” and have a really good idea of where things stand, are going; or next steps.

Focus on what brings an inner stability; or contributes to your inner stability. This inner stability is also support; and what brings emotional equilibrium and a sense of security.
There will also be a need to either focus on what brings a sense of financial stability; or what needs to be let go of for financial and emotional security.

Some people will be rebuilding and doing it in a way that better reflects the truth of who they are; as well as current circumstances.
In light of the storms, hurricanes, fires, heatwaves and other climatic; as well as personal crisis’ people will be doing a lot of inner and outer inventory.

For some rebuilding will not happen in a way that their living situation is as it was “before”For others they will feel and recognize deep inner changes that call them to create completely new circumstances in their life.

Home, family and relationships of all types will be highlighted during this months energetic cycle.
It is important to remember that these energetic cycles are not necessarily happening “to us”, but with us. …
They come from within the very interconnected nature of us and within us.

Reach out and open to forms of bonding and deeper connections. Focusing on gratitude for what is, what’s left and what is possible will bring a sense of inner peace; as well as clarity.

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