Being Up in the Air is Not a Bad Thing Right Now…

Weigh your options, listen to your “gut knowing”, your intuition, and follow the openings right now.

The energetic trend of October is movement, change and new influences…
The changes for many will be incremental; and for sure for most on the mental and emotional level.
With all the energetic shifts and influx of energy infused with inspiration many will be wondering: “Where do I put all this energy, where do I focus and how do I focus?”
This can cause some anxiety. In fact many will experience a fluctuation between anxiety, tiredness, confusion, clarity and inspiration…

Think about gears in a car. When you are driving the car the gears transition (shift) between all the gears while you are driving.
The only gear you don’t shift into while driving is reverse…
There’s a timely message in this analogy.

Don’t look back, or back up while you are “driving” forward.
You might say: “It’s impossible to drive forward while looking back. Well, we do this sometimes…
We glance back while in traffic; or to see what is behind us. Doing this sometimes can be helpful and beneficial. Doing this too much jumbles your energy and impedes your flow.
Whatever direction you are going in this is where your focus and gaze needs to be.

It is a good idea to look behind you and see just how far you have come on your path.
It’s really beneficial to reflect, to contemplate and to review your past; however this needs to be done in a conscious way.
Take time to look back, do your reviewing and assessing; however, I suggest that you don’t look back when you have already made a decision and have been moving forward with your action, next step and decision.

There are a lot of puzzle pieces being moved around by Spirit and your Higher Self.
Old imprints, relating patterns, dreams, visions and desires are being edited, changed, deleted, cleared, cleansed, released and updated…

So, if you feel “up in the air”, at a loss; or a lot is on your plate and in your mind do the step, the action and follow up on the inspired idea that is right in front of you.

Soul Path Affirmation:
As I change within and my outer circumstances are changing I now trust that all that is happening is aligning me with my deeper truth, true desires and will of my Soul.
I trust, release, relax, let go unto the changes and my inspired action.

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