New Moon in Libra- Rethinking Relationships and Focusing on What is of Resonance and Harmonizing

This New Moon in Libra on Sept. 28th is highlighting what is harmonizing and resonating for you…

The Moon is like a psychic umbilical cord to our subconscious;, as well as other people’s and the world’s.

It will show us our emotional patterns and workings of our inner psyche; which is our subconscious, or lunar nature…

Libra represents circular movement that rests when a balancing point is achieved… Libra is to find harmony through balancing opposition, whether within or without…

The energy expression of Libra is harmonizing and balancing – pleasing to the eye, feels good to the touch, tastes yummy and sounds true…Think mental, emotional and lifestyle aesthetics…

What brings beauty; which means spiritually, esoterically, metaphysically and alchemically balance and alignment into your life? This also means what brings love and loving situations into your life and living…

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus is in Libra. There will be a subconscious and for some a conscious urge and focus for what brings balance; as well as harmony in relationships and one’s life.

Take time to feel out and observe the truth of both sides of a situation.
I would suggest focusing on handling situations in a way that all viewpoints are taken into consideration
If you aren’t aware and observing you could get caught up in “power struggles pulling you into a vortex going now where.
However, if you can have the presence of mind to be able to entertain another person’s point of view or perspective can be actually very uplifting and clarifying time for you this month.

Relationships, values, and harmony are all highlighted now.
It is time to connect within and feel what is right for you.
Areas of justice, fairness and negotiating will be a key factor this week and this month.

Focus on refinement, inner harmony and outer harmony in relationship.
The details will be in the action of relating.
Let things reveal themselves to you and choose what is most harmonizing, loving and life-enhancing; which means balancing and fair.

It is a time of refining relationships whether with yourself, or others.
The beauty on the inside will be reflected on the outside.
On some level we will be able to see people’s emotional state what they really want.

Whether you consciously realize it or not you have been sorting through friends, colleagues, family relationships and relationships of all kinds.
You are now weeding out what is no longer supportive and fulfilling for you.

You are being drawn more to like-minded individuals; and projects, jobs, careers and collaborative situations that are more in sync with you.
It’s a time to be more magnetic and let things come to you.

You will begin to be guided more noticeably by resonance and synchronicity…
Don’t give into any ideas of lack of self worth, shame, or martyr, over-care-taking stories.
This Moon in Libra is asking you to align to a deeper sense of love, beyond emotionalism….
It’s about a mature love and romanticism with yourself and all life…

There will be a heightened level of connecting and commitment. The few days before the 28th and about 1- 1/2 weeks after, just before the Full Moon in Aries will bring opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, community, groups of friends, and places of harmony.
Art music, social happenings and philosophical conversations will be highlighted.

You will want harmony within your relationships and. Environment…
You will either be drawing to you; or want to draw to you more caring connections and kindred spirits.
Harmonizing will be a priority and following the resonance your guide…

This Mew Moon in Libra will push you to speak your truth, and want truer- genuine connecting in your relationships…

What is your truth?
What is your vibe?
Your vibe attracts your tribe…

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