5 Step Clearing Process

Do Basic Clearing in a safe, quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed mid-process. This process can be done alone or with others. If done in partnership, discussion afterwards is an option but not necessary. The other person does not need to know the specifics of what is being cleared (i.e. actual incident). When clearing, make sure you get to the feeling level. Underneath every limiting belief or issue is a feeling holding it in place in the body mind.

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Give Your Little
Kid a Voice

This process is to connect with that part of you that perhaps is not heard that often. Again, it is easier for all of us to focus on the part of us that seems to be successful or that can plow through any challenge. However, there is a part of everyone that just wants to take a rest, play without an agenda, or just be nurtured and taken care of.

STEP 1: Go to a place or create a space that feels safe to you; preferably a place where you won’t be disturbed mid-process. Think about your present circumstances. There could be an issue or concern you have. Or, you could just be curious. Whatever the reason you have for connecting with this part of you is perfect, is the right reason for you.

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Taking Back
Projections &
Emotional Charge

Step 1: First recognize and acknowledge that we all project. Projection is an important part of the process of relating. It begins to extend us outside of ourselves.

Step 2: When in a communication dialogue and there you are experiencing an emotional charge state internally "I take back this projection."

Step 3: Try to discern what is actually being said, what you are feeling, and what you are interpreting. Ask yourself: " How am I  feeling?" The feeling is the primary trigger.

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About Perception & Projection

Listening – Hearing – Acknowledging – Understanding

Listening is an acquired skill and at best an art form. Our mind usually begins to wander to interpret through our own life experience, so a bit of retraining is needed to actively listen and be fully present. When listening we need to be actively engaged with the person/persons in front of us. This means aware of them with our attention on them, and our intent to hear. We need to be focused on the subject at hand, and a lot the time to be fully present, in present time available to hear what is being communicated.

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Guided Imagery
& Relaxation

You literally have all the tools inside you to assist in your own health and well-being. You can reduce your stress, release fear, focus better, and learn to harness your body and mind to facilitate the health and life changes you want. Here are four Guided Imagery Techniques you can use:

Transform Fear into Creativity

How can you get over what you fear? You can transform it into creativity. Fear is a very powerful energy. In fact, it is an energy in motion, an emotion. The best way to harness this energy is to use it positively.

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Focused Meditation

STEP 1: Take 10-15 minutes for yourself.

STEP 2: Allow yourself to sit or lie down in a comfortable relaxed position.

STEP 3: Close your eyes.

STEP 4: Focus your inner vision on the heart-lung area of your body and just notice your breath. Notice how you are breathing. Notice how you are feeling. Allow yourself to breathe a little deeper, letting the exhalation be a little longer that the inhalation. Make sure as you are breathing now more slowly that you are relaxing the muscles in your head, neck and shoulders. Breathe slowing in a relaxed manner, without tensing your muscles or trying to force yourself to breathe deeper.

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Meditation for
Stress Release

Your breath is a wonderful tool for relaxation and it is free. It is said that when the breath is steady the mind is calm. The next time you are feeling rushed or stressed over some situation try this exercise; better yet, try this exercise for 21 days and notice how you change your overall attitude in life.

Take about 10 minutes for yourself, go somewhere where you can have some quite time.

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