April Soul Insights -What Kind of Wings Do You Have?

What are you wiling to open up to?
What are you ready to receive?
These questions and what they bring up for you will be at the forefront of many people; especially those on the Soul Path.
The Energetic Cycle that is gaining momentum is one of ‘Creativity and Manifestation’.
This means creating, self-expression, starting something up, starting something new, kicking into high gear what has already been started, and a drive to leave one’s mark in the world for the betterment of the world.
This month there is a vibrational shift that is highlighting an upleveling of our energetic frequency.
We are being asked by the Universe to open up the container that is us, to higher frequency energy.
This higher frequency energy expresses as more awareness, interconnectedness, love, and Soul Expression.

Many are hearing, as well as answering their ‘Soul Call’ and realizing they have a say in their life, relationships, and circumstances.
The ‘Soul Call’ is the call to one’s destiny on a higher vibrational frequency and fulfillment level.
It is fueled by a drive that is passionate, inspirational, aspirational, and directed in service in some form or forms.

While there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty, and a lot is breaking down within the systems that were constructed to organize our life, livelihood, and types of relationships, there is also a lot coming together and being built.

This is not a time to get side-tracked and/or railroaded by fear into some corner of stagnation.
What we cannot control is not for us.
We control by taking our fate and opening up to our destiny…

The Numerological energies of April are 10.
A 10 energetic cycle distills to a 1 numerically.
This means a lot will require each person’s individual attention, focus, and actions.
This month there also will be an adventurous energy; as well as a strong energy “to get on with it!”
Each person’s “get on with it” will show up a bit differently, but nonetheless the energy will not only be apparent to you, but to others in your life.

April will also be a good time to connect with others in collaborative projects, within beneficial relationships, and in endeavors that involve small groups.

A little warning here:
There will be 2 themes expressed in the scenarios with relationships; especially those that are collaborative, collegial, and based on one-to-one interactions of a close nature.

1- Those people that are ending a cycle and have to now notice, be very aware of the over-giving, unevenness in their previous relationships; as well as work circumstances.
For this group it’s a test from your own Higher Self – You need to make sure you are not settling for less, and that you are now open to receive more of what you deserve; which is at least what you give, and a lot more, because you do give a lot.
2- The second group has shifted a while back, and has been attracting more synergistically and Soul resonating relationships; leaving behind the relationship entanglements of the lower harmonic.
Many of these people are pleasantly surprised, and even shocked at what they are receiving from the type of people they are now connecting with to the abundance they are receiving.

So, make sure you are connecting and collaborating with those that you feel a resonance, synergy, and mutual respect; as well as a mutual learning through your sharing.
It is a time to open to receive more, share more, and to join in with others.
The Soul of you is deeming you grow even more and shine even more through how you live, how you create, work, and relate with others and this amazing earth we live on at this time.

In February I had a great awakening conversation on my podcast with Tre Hardson (Slimkid3) of the Farcide group. Tre Hardson is deeply spiritual, Connected, works with guides, and a very talented song writer/rapper/emcee. We were talking about where we are in the Awakening – Soul Alignment and how to navigate this time of transition, change, uncertainty, and great possibilities. He gave some major drops of wisdom and insight.
Two things he said that really struck me and stuck with me.

1- We have to wait for the God Spark

2-What kind of wings do you have?
Meaning what are your skills, talents, abilities?
Perfect that.

Definitely in April the energies are assisting in creating a laser light focus on soaring higher to live more Soul-Centered and fulfilled.

It’s time to open up our bigger wings and take flight…


Soul Insights Mantra:

I am open to receive all that is life-enhancing for me abundantly.

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