Don’t Fear the Blank Canvas – March Soul Insights

It’s stark with bright light, it’s deep like a cave, it encircles like a womb, it encases like an egg, and it’s widening open like a portal…

It’s also blank like a writer’s first pages or an artist’s blank canvas…

There is a lot of promise and potential revealing itself bit by bit and more fully in March for those that have been laying down a good foundation; especially if this foundation encompasses something new and/or revisited in a new way.

The energetic pattern from the Soul is all about change… change… change, transition, and more change…

Expect the mundane everyday hum drum with bursts of newness, new news, new data, new creations, new people, new opportunities, and new directions.

March is a 45/9 month; which means that there is a breaking from what is stable. It is a time of flux and flow.

It’s similar to being in a mid dive after diving off of the high dive; or the mid air motion of the in between motion of a leap.

For some it will be like the mid motion in between the lift of taking a step with your foot and the action of landing with your foot. The energy will feel very in between, opening, freeing, and a bit destabilizing. Uncertainty will infuse the air, and yet there will be a definite scent of hope and new stability building.

It’s time to focus on what is gaining momentum and what is building.

Dream big. Build those castles in the air, but also build the strong foundations underneath.

Soul Insights Mantra:

I am guided and supported in my life and with my creations.

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