January Soul Insights and 2022 Numerology Overview

January brings an energy and focus of contemplation, meditation and creativity. The creativity can be creative solutions, self-express and/or creative expression. It’s time to commune with the Divine and access the Quantum Mind- the Infinite, Innate Intelligence of The All That Is- The Creator Aspect of the Universe, Life and YOU…

Also, there will be a bit of a need for a respite in between all the decisions, changes, transition and unfolding of the personal; as well as collective events.

Many will feel like they are in “the eye of the storm”. What is being presented to most on a Soul Level is a time of catching one’s breath, so to speak, to then climb the “Holy Mountain”…

What I mean by “Holy Mountain” is what is sacred and of value to you. Also, the word “holy” comes from “wholeness”. “Holy” suggests all parts together with a level of integration and integrity. Whole parts- all parts, as much as possible, together. So for many, a few important questions to ask are:

What do I really need and want?

What needs fixing, repair or attention? Can it actually be fixed or mended? Is it worth it? Is it still viable and of value to me, my life and/or my family?

What do I need to have with me in this next phase of my life?

What gets put back together or integrated back into everyday living will be key in how you move forward in 2022.

We are beginning to move into a highly chaotic, and sometimes confusing time. A time of a lot of influences, situations, and circumstances – both natural and human made – converging and being experienced. This means that a lot of random energy is swirling around in different forms and expressions. Keep in mind it is all energy… Out of chaos comes creativity, and out of confusion comes new order…

Perhaps, think of yourself as an artist with all your supplies, instruments or materials. Which one or ones do you use for a particular expression or project?

The Numerology number and cycle for 2022 is a 6… With all of those 2s, it’s all about RELATIONSHIPS, COOPERATION, COLLABORATION, COMMUNITY, CONCILIATION, COMMUNICATION…

I call them the Co’s… All the Co’s will be in play and very important. It is a time of connecting with our own Higher Self much more, and being in partnership with this part of us- the quantum of ourselves and life. It will also be a time of people connecting more, coupling, pairing up and coming together with shared visions, and for some shared resources. Sharing your Soul gifts, talents, and abilities will begin to be key as we get a taste of the “Creator Economy”

The idea of “meditate and create” will become more of a way of life and not just something to do when stressed, or doubting oneself. We are at a part of the Awakening (Rude Awakening) – Converging Flow that ushers in more of the Ascension process of extending our awareness, expanding our consciousness to rise above duality, connecting to our Higher Self, Attuning to our Heart and Aligning to our Soul.

2022 brings an increase in Miracles, Divine Interventions, more synchronicity, and synergistic relationships. This requires adjusting to and living in a more Soul Resonant Frequency and more from the New Emerging Consciousness…

I call this living more in the expectancy of miracles… Which can also be termed the quantum aspect of us.

We are all part of this new wave of awareness stemming from the New Emerging Consciousness. This Great Awakening with all its growing pains and challenges, also brings a lot of opportunity, blessings and the advent of more “miracles” due to an expansion and upleveling of our consciousness and how we live.

As trite as the saying, “We are the ones we have been waiting for” is, it’s true.

Some of the main focuses for 2022, which will be in a 6 cycle, are:

Being drawn to and attracting meaningful relationships – Soul Family, Soul Tribe, Soul Mate/s

Creative relationships, projects, gig economy, collaborative relationships, working more project based and within small groups

Harmony through conflict – discussions, debates, arguments, dialogues, conflicts – to be resolved

Decision making – major decisions and new pathways

Discernment – to discern “truth” – “right from wrong” – life enhancing to non life enhancing -Reconciling what seems to be the opposite to bring in the complementary

Union of opposites -partnerships – marriage/merger of people, ideas, groups, companies- contracts – coming together of various elements

Community Building and sharing our Soul Gifts, talents, abilities

Synergistic Relationships – Mutually beneficial

Living life more by synchronicity

To find your “personal” numerology focus for 2022 add the month, day and year of your last birthday together.

Ex: If your last birthday was 12-20-2021, you would be in a 73/10/ cycle

If your last birthday is 2-1-2022, then you would be in a 45/9

Then distill the numerical result to a single digit. If when you add together you arrive at a double digit number, use the double digit number and the single digit number it reduces to in your personal reading focus.

If you have a double digit number that reduces to a single digit number read the insights for the double digits and the single digit. Ex: 23/5 – You would read 2, 3, and 5. Ex; 6 read number 6. I have included the double digit meaning in the interpretations.

2022 Numerology Keywords and FocusHow the Collective Energies of this 6 Cycle will affect you:

A 6 Cycle year with:

1- 7 cycle – Inward focus, re-evaluation. Spirituality, perhaps religion and study of your inner psyche becomes key. – Discern, go within and flow with what the Universe and the Quantum/Higher Self Aspect is offering the little you.

Flow, Spirit, Changes, Uplifting, Inspiration, Faith

2- 8 Cycle – Work and lots to do… Inner work, outer work. Moving forward step by step. Finances will be highlighted, as well as what to do with your money.

Patience, Strength, Processing, Due Diligence, Will, Effort, Business, Keep it to process

3- 9 Cycle – Transition leading to change/s, inner focus, gifts, completion, releasing the past. A time to go within and make peace with your past. Can be a good time to venture on your own, write that book/articles/blog.

Clarity, Inspiration, Forgiveness, Endings, Gifts, Evolution

4- 10 Cycle – New Beginnings, new environment, new relationships, preparation, coming into view, New Directions, Outer help and a turn for the better. This cycle can bring increase in money and career advancement.

Fortune, Luck, Opportunity, Positive Change/s, Intuition, Openings

5- 11/2 Cycle – Tests and challenges that bring a leveling up and better opportunities; relationships are highlighted, as well as a mirroring/projecting effect in your relationships. Housing, investments, real estate/property, taxes, contracts, legal dealings, re-financing, banking, can also be highlighted.

Relationships, Testing, Obligations, Inspiration, Corporations, Legal Dealings, Co-operation, Mutual Support,

6- 12/3 Cycle – There can be a feeling of being “up in the air”. There can be delays, stagnation, that require patience and/or rethinking a situation or route to your goal. Creativity, self-expression, writing and all forms of communication can be beneficial.

Patience, New Perspectives, Creativity, Writing, Media, Communication, Change of View, Surrender

7- 13/4 Cycle- A time of energy shifts for transmutation to bring transformation. Focusing on foundations, housing and your environment; as well as inner and outer stability. What is weakened is let go of for what is stronger.

Change, Release, Foundation, Letting Go, Structure, Form, Building, Making Stronger

8- 14/5 Cycle – A time of transition, new pathways. This cycle can also bring in another perspective and new relationships/s. Travel whether in one’s mind, via TV shows, films, or in person can be highlighted. Creativity, freeing up and Self-expression are key. Children, working with children; as well as pregnancy can be a focus.

Travel, Freedom, Creativity, Children, Writing, Competition, Pregnancy, Birth, Obligations, Balance

9- 15/6 Cycle – A time of discernment, planning and focusing on the “To Dos” of Life. Restriction, that sometimes can feel like constriction and bondage. The earthplane, material plane, material possessions and the 3D mundane aspect of life is highlighted. Money and how it is a help or hinderance is something to contemplate. Laughter and seeing the lighter side of things can greatly help.

Earth, Practicality, Physicality, Indecision, Exhaustion, Work Ethic, Need to Clarify, Relationships, Co-Dependency Issues, Freedom vs Responsibility

Soul Insights Mantra for 2022:

Through attuning to my heart, aligning to my Soul, and living from my Higher Self, I express lovingly and confidently the genuine me to experience my life lovingly and prosperously.

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