What’s Not Important? August Soul Insights

This August we are in a 49/13-4 month. There will be big changes and/or big revelations. The energetic transmutation that has been taking place begins to culminate this month. Transition and transformation will be a key part of the passage and focus this month.

There will be an awareness of the type of passage you are in at this time. For some it will feel like an initiation, for some an opening, for some a bit unsettling and for many it will feel like something is finally coming together.

I do pick up a lot of unrest, unsettling situation coming from an energy of pushes us all to become unbound, less restrictive and more free.

However, the way this energy is being experienced in external situations on the planet will be reflecting the opposite. So, a large part of the initiation on a Spirit – Soul level is how to be free perhaps in thought, mindset and one’s individual focus.

Constrictions – restrictions and an awareness of more uncertainty than certainty will be more apparent.

All of this is nudging people to prepare for more collective and individual changes; as well as decide what is really of value and important to you.

This month the big question will be:

What is not important?

You will need to think this question through beyond your rational mind. Thinking with your heart, intuition and gut knowing is the key that unlocks what’s been restricted or hidden.

You will need to let go of what is no longer important. For many it will be a winding out of, or cutting off from and for others it will be the decisions that bring a new focus and reflect an awareness of what is now important.

Timelines have shifted and we are actively co-creating “The New Earth”

The “New Emerging Consciousness” is being downloaded to us and we are embodying this more to create and express the “New Paradigm”.

It is happening now and not in some far off distant future.

We are in the change and we are the change…

Soul Insights Mantra:

I am the change I wish to experiene.

All individual change is aligning me more to my Soul Expression for Spirit Led Experience.

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