Let Go and Walk Through

Don’t make it harder than it is or more complicated…

This month we are in a 48/12/3 month.

There is a lot “up in the air” and in process.

Universally we are in a major re-routing phase that is taken place internally and externally in our individual and collective world.

Many individual shifts will be occurring in the coming months, and for some years.

There is a tangible shift this July that is a precursor and opening to the upcoming shifts.

You can look at this as a new portal is opening.

We are moving into a new vibrational frequency that takes time to acclimate to personally and in the collective.

This vibrational shift will be moving more into the mainstream consciousness in years to come; however, on an individual level for those more aware the new portal is being entered now.

You may feel a bit fuzzy, spacey, confused; or like there are two parts of you that are not quite integrated, or integrating.

For some this will be a part of you from your past; and for others parts that have differing priorities.

There is a focus on completion, wrapping up things from the past and recognizing where and how you have changed.

If you are reading this you have changed…   A long standing relating pattern has atrophied and a new energy pattern that is based more on transparency, authenticity and Soul centered living is emerging.

Shifting from over-analyzing and “thinking” based decision making will greatly help in the transition, upleveling and integration that is emphasized this July.

Take time to listen to your body more and connect in more to your feeling nature.

This month the “Let Go and Let God” is letting go to the deeper part of you, your Higher Self, and you could also say the God within and/or God as a guiding force and universal innate intelligence of  “The All That Is”.

This month the challenge is to not only remember that you are an integral part of ‘The All That Is”.

and respond from this knowing.

Soul Insights Mantra:

I let go to the deeper part of myself to understand my deeper needs and deeper truth.

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