May Soul Cycle – It’s a Beginning…

This May we are in a 46/10 and there is a lot of emphasis on the new and the beginning of a new phase of something.

For many this is a new phase in your life or relationship; however it can also be in career or job situation.

This “something new” can also be a new way you are being and showing up in your life.

For some this will be taking on a leadership role, as well as extending out more into some form of groups or community.

This cycle will also bring an awareness of what a needs to change and a realization of how much you, or what is around you has changed.

Expect external changes, world view and activities of the world to be more center stage.

You will have to decide what to watch, what not to watch, what not to watch too much, and what to be a part of at this time.

The need to unplug and focus on self-care, self-soothing and taking a break from the social side of things will become quite clear.

In light of this notice how you feel in certain situations around certain people.

Notice what triggers you and what inspires, as well as motivates you.

If you can limit the time and exposure to people, topics and situations that continually pull you off center.

It’s time to learn to center more and also learn when enough is enough for you.

Take care of your body and nervous system this month.  Also, if you haven’t already make this a part of your routine.

This month will show you that your ultimate security is from within.

This month will also give you opportunity to live in harmony with your present circumstances and your Soul’s chosen path. The awareness of miracles and the mystery of life will be highlighted and ways to be in harmony with this part of life.

Soul Insights Mantra:

I experience change from a secure place within and live in harmony with the mystery of my Soul Unfolding.

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