Be in Soul Resonance and Expect the Unexpected 💥

Expect the unexpected and what tries your patience is a learning lesson…


Just like the wind kicking up in the mountains you can expect the unexpected….

As a collective we are moving from a denser reality to a reality of gifts, visions, dreams and promises…

The promise of a better day and a vision that is more from your Soul and dreams that are from your Soul.


This month we are in a 44/8 numerically.

The energy from this numerology transit is all about reviewing, redoing, revisiting and work…

Work in the outer world and work on our own inner world.

The world of finance, money and the idea of monetary exchange will be highlighted.

This will manifest in different ways for each person.


March will also bring a focus of completion.

Completing in a way to be able to move on in whatever way and direction is showing up for you on your path.

You will also be noticing what your past actions have brought forth for you in your life.

Through taking the time to assess and contemplate your circumstances you will see what you want to release, what you want to keep and what needs further work or input from you.

It is a time of assessing and also reaping.

If you have been sowing well and in alignment with your Soul the reaping will be in accordance to what you need and want.

It’s also a time of planning, so use this time wisely to take stock and plan ahead in whatever part of your life that is needing attention or calling you with inspiration.


March Mantra:

I am in Resonance.

Aligned to my Soul, attuned to my heart I am ready for everything.

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