Virgo Full Moon – Discernment Brings Clarity

This Full Moon in Virgo on February 27th  brings an emphasis of ‘Spiritual Discernment’ – the ability to feel spiritually connected to everything and everyone, and yet not be enmeshed or in it’s opposite form cut off in isolation.

The ability to know and feel that we are all interconnected, and yet also know and understand that we don’t have to be connected mentally, emotionally and/or physically.

Some connections are better off staying in the realm of the Spiritual Plane and connecting in Source Energies.

Not every manifested reality or person is life-enhancing for us; and if it is a question of out-growing someone or something even more  a reason to move on in love.

This Virgo Full Moon, and the energies well into March will bring a realization of fact or fiction, dream, nightmare, clear or cloudy vision, fantasy or reality; and most importantly delusion or illusion…

It’s great to build castles in the air; however at some point we need to have a foundation to our castle.

A lot is possible and a lot of energy is mounting for more Soul expression and experiences of abundance.

However, discernment is key to how your experiences and life expression will be.

My insight is be compassionate with yourself and others when relating and communicating.

Also, be really truthful with yourself and aligned to your own integrity.

Virgo in its higher octave is all about integrity and manifesting from this of place of integrity. This integrity is from the Soul and being authentic, true and loyal to our Soul.

Integrity comes from the Latin word Integris, which means “wholeness” and to put together.

When we have integrity we are bringing the aspects of ourselves together, as much as we can and within in our present consciousness.

Also, using this Full Moon energy to assess a dream or goal.

Virgo in ancient Babylonia was known as the Fertility Goddess.

She held a branch of grain in her hand to symbolize fertility and fecundity. In the Esoteric version of the Tarot she is also the Empress.

Her aspect as Virgo the Virgin, came from Vestal Virgin; which simply meant she was independent and had integrity to her thoughts, beliefs and personal connection to God – Spirit.

She had her own spiritual connection and Spiritual – Soul gifts. She knew this and used this.

She was aware of her own light. This is a very powerful knowing.

During this Virgo Full Moon what power within you can you connect with more and use in your life?

Is there a dream, desire or part of life that needs more of your power and empowerment?

If there is a practical step that you can do to bring a dream, desire or focus more into fruition take that step on the Full Moon, or 2-3 days after it.

You will have a chance to see what more needs to be done at the Aries New Moon.

It might be a good idea to get clarity and bring awareness as to what you need, as well as want to do.

This way when the New Moon begins to shine you can see clearly what you want to initiate, move forward on and/or launch.


Full Moon Mantra:

My dreams and desires are within reach.

I am able to discern what is best for my Soul expression and Soul Path.

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