February Soul Insights – What Do You Want & What Is Working?

Trust the timing of things….

There is a synergy and flow that is taking place….

A powerful wisdom is being discovered and distributed.
This is the wisdom of coming more from the Causal Point of Being…

This is also the awareness that on some level we are contributing to the whole of The All That Is; which is to also say the ‘Race Consciousness’ of the ‘Main Stream Consciousness’ or ‘Mass Consciousness’ of Humankind.

Our individual focus is melding with the collective focus and this is starting through the awareness of the “other” within ourselves and each other.

Be open to differences of opinion and differing ways of living not as an example of what you “should do”, but as an example of following your unique way of being in this world.
Being in tune with the other within and without is a form of love and honors our Soul Light.

This month ask yourself:
1-How is working for me right now?
2-How can I be more adaptable at this time and in this situation?
3- What do I really want?
4- What am I willing to try differently?

It’s a time of new profound perspectives.

Happy Valentines however you connect with this meaning. 🤍

Thank you for the honor of traveling with you on the Soul Path.

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