Capricorn New Moon ~ I Am the Light that Reflects the New Form

Capricorn is the sign of the ‘Initiate’, because if one travels the 3 levels of the Soul Path one arrives, or more accurately stated one becomes anchored in the Soul Alignment, Soul Awareness and Soul Expression to live the life on the earthplane as a Soul, and not just a human ego.
It is in Capricorn that the consciousness of the All That Is, beyond duality, is grounded and anchored in our systems of thought, being and organization on this earthplane.

We begin to see beyond the dualistic expression of life and lifeforms to tap into the Causal Plane of Source…
We are this Source in physical form, and so is everyone and everything.
The earth signs in the higher spiritual and metaphysical planes anchor the light into physical forms and within the earthplane.
Through the Innerplane work and inner healing the Astral level of being and expression is cleared and cleansed of trauma, as well as lower level expressions of love, expression and experience stemming from unacknowledged, unassimilated energies of trauma and non life-enhancing patterns.

Capricorn as the horned God – Goddess of plenty has to do with the “plentiful of earth and on earth”…
The plenty is to be balanced and shared and not hoarded and greedily lived out as if there will never be more of what one needs.

In many ways what is happening on the planet with less availability to no availability of certain items or products and restriction – limitation  is to understand, come to believe and come to live from a place that within the ego-system of this earth we will receive what we need, either on our own or through someone else.
The higher vibrational expression of Capricorn is shared resources and creating systems that are more self-regulating and self-sustaining.

We can come to understand and live by the principle of abundance and not scarcity.
However, since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Saturn deals with learning lessons every often we have to “learn” a lesson about scarcity and chronicle fear; which in it’s chronic or conditioned response state as an emotional and behavior pattern stems from a scarcity mindset.

This powerful New Moon in Capricorn is the first New Moon of the year and does reflect a very transforming shift in consciousness.
It is not that this shift is created by this New Moon. It is more that it is being reflected through this symbolic and metaphorical lens.

The light of Capricorn can reveal what is transmutating energetically and how it will be affecting the systems and forms on this earthplane. This also means our systems of relating…
There is an over-hauling, updating and upleveling in consciousness from ‘The All That Is’…

All That Is is changing…

Capricorn has as it’s main focus manifestation of systems of form, as well as, the maintaining and stabilizing of these forms. As earth deals with creation it also deals with duality, which is a function of the form of creation. An  important aspect of the “initiation’ through Capricorn is to begin to see that everyone and everything is interconnected adn from the same Source… Everything and Everyone.

The more we fight and have a tug-of-war, the more the extremes of Polarity play out.
This time this initiation will not be completed through fighting, opposition or war, whether within the individual hearts and minds of humankind, or in the collective consciousness of humankind.

New forms and new systems are needed now.
What are you creating and what can you create that brings more of a unifying system, form and function?
This can be in thought, idea, belief and way of relating.
We create the New Paradigm.
We birth it from our own womb of Creation, and like loving wise maternal and paternal guardians we nurture our new ideas, creations, and ways of relating, living and being into the consciousness of conscious existence.

New Moon Mantra:

I now align through the Subtle Energy Plane to the Power of Life to bring to life systems and forms that bring abundance to this earth and all upon this earth.

Through the light of awareness and the Laws of Manifestation I create new forms of abundance as an expression of my Soul and in service to humanity.

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