Gemini Lunar Eclipse – We Are the Cause and the Effect…

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is key that opens a portal into a New Design and Matrix that is forming…

The Gemini ruler Mercury has our mind being stretched, purified, clarified and opened to move us out of a fixed mindset.  Where we are too rigid in our thinking, beliefs and life view will be challenged and emotionally triggered to cause a flexing of  any viewing through a fixed mindset, as well as loosen the hold of any mental prisons.

Mercury also co-rules Virgo so discernment is also part of  the key and will be highlighted in our relationships and viewpoints.

We are at a powerful point, as well as a karmic culmination and completion…

The Earthplane and the human aspect of our being is closing out a 6000 plus year old cycle of a paradigm based on Patriarchy and the Dominator culture.

We are moving out of a phase of playing out through expression and experience the extreme expression of the poles of the polarity plane.

There will on the surface be a lot of separating out, playing out of oppositional forces, ideas, ways of living and being.

Every thing created is based on a masculine and feminine dynamic of energy, or an electrical and magnetic energy and flow; which is to say a current or flow that is going outward and inward…

The Earthplane is based on Polarity and within polarity is a natural law of balancing the forces.

In medicine, body health, as well as emotional health we call this homeostasis.

Everything in nature, and we are a part of nature sees homeostasis; which is also balance, harmony, coherence, resonance and minimal discord and dissonance.

In the dualistic aspect of life on the Earthplane we learn and experience that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

Everything in nature has a rhythm and timing and we have our own rhythm and internal timing.

Esoterically there is a unifying energy based on the principle of harmonizing.

On a Soul level metaphysically this is ‘Harmony through Conflict”

This duality and life expressed through the Earth’s polarity plane is reflected in the sign of Gemini.

The twins of Gemini represent our dual nature, and the duality within nature.    The masculine and feminine aspect of our being is reflected and expressed through the sign of Gemini.

The lower or surface mind of beta consciousness and our human thinking is an aspect of the symbolism of Gemini.                                  The other aspect of Gemini is the higher or divine mind of the states of consciousness and awareness through the alpha and theta consciousness of our supra-consciousness, infinite intelligence of Source, or All That Is…

Gemini reflects the split in consciousness made manifest as well as the remedy of it and the way to wholeness.

In Gemini the split is highlighted to give a hint metaphysical how creation began and how we create.

We are the cause and the effect.

We are the creator and created.

You see this in procreation with the zygote.

 It starts with the sperm = male gamete and the female gamete = the ovum.

But there is life before this split, and if we follow the path of inquiry and contemplation in Gemini we come to find this not from logic, reason and our analyzing mind, but by integrating our intuition.

The ‘relating patterns’ and cycles of ‘power over and being over powered’, dominating other cultures, races, religions, people based on beliefs, genders, species, that are different than the dominant and dominating culture is ending…

This time it really is…

The same fight and split has been occurring in slightly differing forms, but with the same premise for thousands of years…

It has been the Lord and Law of the Land of the Feudal times.

It is well beyond the slavery of the United States, and well beyond the time of Hitler and Nazism.

This split, struggle and unjust fight started way before the genocides of Bosnia, Croatia, Lithuania, Africa, Rwanda, and way before the Hutus and Tutsi; as well as Apartheid in all it’s forms.

This split was in ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Grecian, Roman and in the times of Mesopotamia.  This split has been tragically played out with the Aztecs, Mayans, and every race, culture and religion.

This split from Source Energies and the understanding, as well as importantly the kinesthetic knowing of Oneness has caused this from Neolithic times to Contemporary times.

If we continues to focus on the split outside of ourselves and fight for “our side” the pattern continues. It has to, for this is natural law. It is the law of nature, of physics and Metaphysics.

It is the law of creation.

Manifested form is created through this split and is a byproduct of this split.

It is the binary formula; however it is only an Effect Point and not the Causal.

When we focus on the effect in our creating and not the cause, it is like focusing on the symptoms and not the root cause. It is also like only focusing on a great piece of music, a greats meal, a great book and not the author.

We are the author of this game.  We are the creators, co-creators and in such we can create another game, another way of being and expressing.

We have gone as far as we can in this game. If we were to continue on the previous line we would become extinct.

The line has already been crossed. We are in a new formation, matrix, a new life design, SouL Path and therefore a new or different timeline, which begins to change the trajectory of life expression and outcomes.

The key is not to be overly focused on the duality of life and things, but to focus on the Source of this life and things.

When Gemini, which is the ruling sign of the Lovers card in the tarot searches for the other can only find love by being with the other that love and the relationships become toxic.

It isn’t until we understand that duality comes from the One.

So that outer love that is sought is actually within you and within everyone.

Certain people expresses it and perhaps assist to bring it out more, or help one feel it more, or reflect it more.

But what is sought is already within.

This North Node in Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will eclipse what is blocking the feeling of this love within the self; which is really an aspect of the Cosmic Self…

You may try to reach for the longing through another only to find no one there, or the person who is there is longing for their own validation and can’t be fully “there” for you.

Or, there might feel like love is missing, or some other form of emotional connection only to point you to the connection within.

There can be repressed and/or suppressed emotions coming to the surface to be confronted and dealt with to some kind of conclusion.

Between this Lunar and the upcoming Solar Eclipse on the 15th of December is to clear past patterns that are too limiting, non-life enhancing and that block our next level of Soul Expression.

There will be moments of long silence, an upleveling of energy and a need to express.

Communication of all types will be highlighted, especially on social media and platforms that offer o allow a variety of expression.

There will be confrontations, uprisings, and conflicts coming to the surface.

What can be very helpful is to remember that out of conflict comes harmony… eventually it will be seen and experienced in the mainstream and race consciousness.

The Oneness and Harmonizing Principle is happening, even if it isn’t being lived out in the Collective Consciousness of the mainstream 

The key is to realize, understand and begin to feel more consistently a part of the Innate Intelligence of the All that is.

We have to distill the larger view, the intuitive realm and the Divine Consciousness of Source Energies of The All That Is into various forms, expressions, manifestations and media.

It’s time to live and broadcast the expanded levels of consciousness and awareness.

On a mundane level we can do this by holding open a 3rd possibility.  Move out of the extremes of the polarity plane and over focus of the binary.

Allow the space and hold it open for more than one point of view, more than one possibility and a multitude of expressions and manifestations.

A New Paradigm is being co-created and ushered in, however it does not happen instantaneously, but by each of us bit by bit.

Relating patterns of the past – Ancestral, Cultural, Generational patterns and relationships based on trauma bonding and aligning with woundmates is being mirrored to us to understand, heal and release.

All needs to be done with love, understanding, patience and compassion for ourselves and others.

We are creating a new design and templates for a higher octave of love and loving.

It does start with us individually by healing past patterns that are not life-enhancing and do not reflect and support the New Emerging Consciousness, way of loving and expressing love through all it’s various forms in the New Paradigm.

Soul Insights Mantra:

I am an aspect of the Divine Source of The All That Is.

I am an aspect of Love from this Source and all that I do express, create and feel is a form of loving from this Divine aspect of being. 

I am love in form and action.

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