Scorpio New Moon – Through the Darkness of the Void is the Light

What was hidden becomes revealed.
What was forgotten is remembered.
What was poison is purged.
What was tarnished is purified.
What was lost is found.
What was dead is reborn.
What is decaying is cut out with surgical precision for more Soul centered expression and Soul fulfilling experience.

What was shattered and scorched that remains from the past is reassembled to rise from the ash like the phoenix…

This New Moon in Scorpio is a very transformative New Moon.
There is a powerful converging of energies funneled through this Scorpio New Moon.
These energies and the direction of them are leading us to make decisions that will shape our reality, beliefs and way we travel in the world.

Other worldly Neptune aspecting this New Moon brings a revelation, if you have the psychic eyes to see, where you have been in illusion, delusion, or living a creative inspired reality.

Illusions fade as a deeper understanding of the cosmic aspect of life is revealed.
This is a “Dare to Dream” time and a time of opportunity, Soul gifts flourishing, as well as being of service through creativity and self-express.

Karma is burning off and for many a life on a new time-line that is bringing in a new conscious awareness for a completely new way of being and living.

The Scorpion morphs from the eagle of clear vision to rises from the ashes of what has ended, been swept away to be reborn and refashioned in a way that allows more of an embodying of the New Emerging Consciousness.

It is here with the New Moon in Scorpio that something is born anew…

Fresh starts and new beginnings come through the mandala of life…
Contemplate “where” you are and just how far you have come and you will understand the circular nature of all things…

It’s time to acknowledge what is complete, finished and what remains from “what was”…
Gratitude is key, as well as getting to the truth, seeing below the surface of situations and responding from a place of inner truth.
Your intuition will be enhanced, as well as psychic ability and the awareness and use of healing energy.

The more you can see that the “the light and the dark” are one in the same you will step off the repeat setting on the Karmic Cycle and leave the matrix of the old Paradigm game.

Awakening to the light within the darkness and through the darkness see the light…

Soul Insights New Moon Mantra:

I am guided by my inner Iight through the darkness of the void of potential and becoming. With my light as my guide I align to my highest expression of me for my Soul’s unfolding and life experience.

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