It’s All So Up In The Air ~ Go Through the Openings

November energies are a bit erratic, “up in the air” and stirring up quite a bit of wanderlust…

It’s all so up in the air…
Find air bubbles from which to breathe and places to wander in the in between spaces…
It’s a time of ending, beginning, becoming, moving and stilling..
Where will you want to be when the dust settles?

This month there will be a feeling of needing and wanting to “strike out on your own”, take chances and get moving.
For some this will be metaphorical and for many quite literal.
Creative pursuits and ideas that help free you up will come to the forefront in your mind.

Independence and independent thinking are the key to your abundance, freeing up, cutting ties from what is complete, no longer serving your Soul growth, Soul path and newly forming goals.

It’s a good time to put plans in motion; or at least “on paper”…
Take your ipad, tablet or smart phone and jot down your ideas, goals, dreams, visions and put a plan into motion…
Take a step or two toward who and what you really want.
Ask yourself: What really fulfills me?

There will be openings and closings, as well as delays…
However, by now you I’m sure you are beginning to master this energy pattern.

Movement is key, as well as flexibility.
Move your body and move your mind with new ideas.
Take a chance, take a risk in putting energy in one of your dreams.
The plans you put into motion this month; however small the step, or beginning the plan will bear some sort of fruit in the next 2-3 months.
Movement will bring you clarity on what you really need and want; as well as the true needs of your circumstances, situations and relationships.

I’m donning my “Dora the Explorer” hat and going on an adventure. Some of it will be in my mind, and some of it my travels…
It all starts in our mind anyway.
Where and what do you want to explore?

Soul Insights Mantra;

I trust the direction of my inner guidance and am attuned to my own Divine Timing.

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