What is “The Shift” and ‘The New Paradigm’?

How are we shifting, and what can we do to align more to the ‘New Paradigm’?Getting to the heart of the matter and navigating the world…

It might look scary, but no need to fear: New game, new rules.
We created the game, and now, we’re just playing a new (or different) game.

We have entered a “game changing” time… The “Old Paradigm” is being dismantled, imposing, dissolving and a “New Paradigm” is being co-created and instilled…
This “New Paradigm” is based on Soul Expression and Soul Experience…
It is a whole new game…

With a new game, there are new rules. So, it’s a new paradigm…and we *can* navigate this new game to what’s more life-enhancing.

How can you move through fear and live more from the heart?
What is living Spirit-led? What’s it like to live more from the Soul and live more from the heart?

“The Shift” is causing a lot to be decoded creating a break in what has been encoded individually; as well as collectively.

“The New Paradigm” is based on Soul Alignment and living from your Psyche, or Soul and Soul Centered Living; which is based intuition.
Intuition and following the Subtle Energy is the language of the Soul.
How do you know if you’re making the right decision for yourself?
Come to understand there isn’t just one awakening, there are many awakenings.

Learn and understand how to navigate this amazing transition, the great awakenings and expansion in consciousness.

I wanted to share this conference I presented/talked at with Sevan Bomar, Dr, Bruce Lipton, Andrew Harvey, David Love & Dr Lana Love and others.

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