Something is Emerging… tv

You do have the ability to manifest your dreams and desires into reality…
It is your destiny…

This Libra New Moon radiates an energy of cooperation, creativity and harmony.
Manifestation not only implies cooperation, but needs it. Cooperation is synergy; whether with individuals or circumstances.
Synergy also breeds synchronicities, and harmony of intent, purpose and action is part of synchronicity.

The energy that brings coherence and harmonizing influences will be revealed at this time.
What is needed for harmony within and harmony in our relationships will be much more easily felt and seen.
There will also be a focus on what brings a harmonizing balance between our thinking and feeling; which reflects our head-heart interconnection.

As our our head and heart is harmonized our mind and feelings begin to be in coherence.
This coherence means that our head – what we think and our heart- what we feel and intuit is in sync.
This brings us to our passion, purpose, and fosters deep knowing allowing inner peace.

I say allowing inner peace, because we do have a place inside us that is always peaceful, calm and joyful.
This part of us is in a constant connection to Source Energies and always within the stream of this Universal Flow.
In many ways we meet our destiny.
We are placed or place ourselves in the mental space and physical place to manifest and experience this destiny.

Think of you destiny as an energy that is already present with what you need and want, as well as more.
On some level it is present in the ethers just waiting and unfolding in a way to meet you.
It is ready to drop down into you and for you to simultaneously walk into this reality.

Our destiny is our potential unfolding. It is both fluid, structural, fated, predictive, designed and also very much open to reinterpretation.
We can take the energy of our destiny and remold or redesign it…

The energy is the same; however we can use it, manifest it, create with it and experience it differently.
It is all the same energy and potential of our Soul Design used and experienced differently.

This is a very important metaphysical and spiritual understanding as it really frees us up; as well as answers a lot as to why something manifests or does not in the way and manner we think it will.

The chaos of the present time and timing we are in holds much creative, as well as co-operative energy and potential.
There are openings, loopholes within the chaos and uncertainty.
If one allows themselves to be more in the meditative state you can feel the right direction and be attuned to your own inner knowing and guidance from your Higher Self.

Soul insights Mantra:

I am attuned to my Higher Self and experience my life from the Divine Flow.
I live my life and experience love from this abundant Divine Flow.

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