New Influences Revealing the Micro and Macro Views

This October brings an energy pattern of deep diving into the depths and rising high into and through the heights…

You will need to be attune to your energy on all levels and adjust your activities, focus and physical energy output to keep in balance.
For some the intensity of the energy in October will make you want to cocoon, hide and retreat.
For some you will feel an upsurge in energy like you just had 5 cups of green tea and ginseng.
For many the way this energy cycle is felt will be a bit of both of this energetic polarity.

October, brings new insights, new ideas, new relationships and new directions.
This energy pattern is a culmination and about disrupting ruts, points of view and beliefs that are too narrow in scope and constricting.
We are being prepared for even bigger changes in our lives personally and collectively.

I use the word personally because the changes are not just individual, they will be so personal to us in a way that supports us in our personal growth, relationships, life circumstances and world view.
How we view the world – our individual – subjective – personal world and the objective- group – collective world is changing; and for some has so already to a great degree.

I have been talking about this on my You Tube channel and in my Patreon group quite a bit and offering useful tools and suggesting people use the energy to heal, come to terms with whatever is being presented in their life and very importantly focus on “Mind Shifts” and changing beliefs to support the New Emerging Consciousness within and that is coursing through the earth at this time.

We are being prepared for the next wave of changes and what will be required of us in the New Paradigm.
The New Paradigm is not far off years away. It is right here right now…
It is starting to be seen and manifesting in different forms, structures and views.
The Planetary changes that are happening the end of this year will bring a stark contrast to what we have know, experienced and expected in our life before now.
Yes, the changes will be even more stark and contrasting than what we have experienced with Covid-19 and all that is enmeshed and has emerged from this catalytic situation.

If you can find areas of your own creativity, self expression; as well as ways of expressing more of the genuine essential you and understanding your intuition you will begin to see how the dots are lining up for you.

When you see where and how the dots are forming for you in your life and Soul Path you will have a natural intuitive knowing to allow you to see where and how you fit into the big picture world view and world changes.
This month is definitely about the micro view and macro view revealing one in the same – just different angles an therefore viewpoints.
It’s like Google Maps at 5,000 ft up in the air does give a true reflection and picture, but so does the 500 ft up in the air view.
Each view reveals something important.
Which view and when you use it is up to you depending on what you need and what you need to see.
If you can be flexible in your view – viewpoints and toggle between multiple views you will be ahead of the “game”.
Actually you will be right on time – Divine Timing and right in alignment to the actual view…

Soul Insights Mantra:

I trust my Soul Path and I trust the Divine Timing of my Path.
I am now able to see multiple views for the best viewpoint for my Soul Path and Soul’s unfolding.

Seek Places of Peace and Tranquility, Starting Within…

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