Seek Places of Peace and Tranquility, Starting Within…

Let the energy of this Virgo New Moon reveal to you what needs, emotional care and healing in your body, mind or sprit to move forward…

This Virgo New Moon brings deep introspection – “The Hermit” energy, a focus on emotional care, well-being; as well as a natural letting go or winding out of what is no longer supportive for on your Soul Path.

For most this letting go, and winding out of will be gentle and Spirit guided. You will begin to not only intuit what is life-enhancing, healing, supportive and right for you on your path, but also feel it…

Something is changing in your daily routine and this new something, new way of being, new routine and schedule has a Soulful something about it.
The changes you make in the next few weeks have been slowly coming on and now, like a switch; or a new moon dawning they are here.
Best not to resist your personal flow. You can align it to the Divine Flow; in fact as you slow down you will begin to see and feel can be one in the same.

Seek places of peace and tranquility, starting within…
Virgo is about industriousness, but also very much about having and living from your center and inner truth. Understanding just what is important to your and aligned to your integrity and personal truth will not only be important, but a part of your inner guidance.

A focus on what is healthy in mind, body and spiritually replenishing for you will be highlighted.
Look at your routine, past times, activities, schedule, foods you eat, and how you navigate through your day to see what would be beneficial to add in , take out, integrate in your life; as well as any adjustments or changes that need to be made.

What you take into your body, mind and how effects your mind, body and spirit is very important for you now.
What you ingest into your mind and body will have a big factor in how you feel, what you can do; and how you meet the challenges in the next few months.
Trust your body, trust your feelings and let you Spirit guide you.

There are openings, opportunities and was to improve on your life, lifestyle and personal focus now.

Virgo New Moon Mantra:

I am guided by my own inner knowing in ways that reflect what is best for my life at this time.
I am now making the changes and adjustments in my life that support me and my healing, growth and Soul expression.

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