Opening Up and Freeing Up for More Soul Power and Synchronicity

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd brings an intense energy to bring a lot up to the surface; as if this hadn’t already been going on in our lives!!

We actually had a bit of a lull, a dip; you could say a respite.
This Aquarian Full Moon says now that you caught your breath let’s dive back in and really shake things up.
This doesn’t have to be a “bad thing”. It is very much a freeing up thing.

The basics of this Full Moon in Aquarius is that it will square Uranus in Taurus; and both signs are fixed.
So, this month it is best to be like bamboo and not to try and be like granite…
Adaptability, creativity and flexibility are key.

When planets aspect through a square due to signs they are in, it brings a type of tension for some type of action. This action can be inward or outward. Squares bring up and point to the obstacles and challenges within ourselves, our relationships, goals, motivations and our life.
I say brings up tension, because some of this can be inherent and known tension, as well as tension due to our growth and shift in perspective.

In fact, this Full Moon for most will bring up deeper seated blocks, inner obstacles, beliefs that are not flexible or expansive enough for our next level of Soul unfolding and growth.
This Aquarian Full Moon is deeming that something, or someone grow, expand and lighten up the load for the next part of the path.

Uranus the ‘Great Awakener’ not only co-rules Aquarius with Saturn, but is in the sign of Taurus The planetary co-rulers of Taurus are Venus and Mercury.
This creates a very pointed and poignant focus for us individually and collectively.

The energetic aspects of this Full Moon will cause a laser like focus and movement toward freeing up what is too limiting, non-life enhancing and even detrimental in our thinking and beliefs.
Circumstances and situations in our life will take on a glaring view of what is holding us back, or not allowing us to fully see.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is also powerfully opening into the powerful energies of the ‘Lion’s Gate Portal’ on 8-8.
I use the term powerful here twice as both energetic aspects are to connect us more into our Soul Power.

Our Soul Power is what makes us unique, gifted and gives us the strength to carry on through the obstacles, loss, and challenges we experience in life and our Soul Journey.

The sign of Taurus is an energy that not only asks, but requires to “keep on”, to persist and persevere. Taurus would do this to the end of her days.
Aquarius is an energy pattern that says move on it’s over, or expand and explore for a better way.

Uranus as the Awakener wants truth, freedom, individual expression, as well as what is new and innovative.
The Saturnian aspect keeps some structure in place while Uranus, moves it, destroys it, dissolves it, shakes it up, expands it and brings more light to “it”…
Uranus is the lightning bolt…
Saturn the goat and Taurus the bull center, ground and anchor the energies.

The rulers of Taurus – Venus and Mercury come into play in a very special way this month and I would say for many years to come with Uranus in Taurus.

Venus is all about our values, principles, love – how we love, what we love and value.
Venus is also about our lifestyle. How we live and what we surround ourself with in our life.
Mercury is all about our thoughts, communication and how we think.
It not only represents our thoughts, but also our mind and how we use our mind.

If you look at the simple, or even basic meaning of the energetic trends, cycles and transits your can see our individual and collective evolutionary process.

We are being guided by an inner force of nature, the resonant fields of life, the Infinite Intelligence of The All That Is to adapt, grow, free up from our passé, limiting beliefs, ideals, thoughts and to move in a new direction.

This direction will manifest differently for each individual as each person’s path is personal to themselves with their dreams, desires, goals, needs and wants.

However, the over arching trend and pulse is toward more Soul alignment and heart connection.
To finally move past the old stories of wounding – us and them, to release and actually walk away from the old paradigm of the ‘Invader-Dominator’ – Victim-Perpetrator-Master-Slave game.

This requires a deep healing and to see the bits of this In consciousness and resonance within all of us individually.

Everything on this planet an universe has a vibrational component and match to it.
There has to be enough resonating energy and frequency to allow it to manifest, be and proliferate….

We will be guided more by our heart if we allow this inner change. We will be making decisions and living more from our heart and Soul.
We will be experiencing and expressing more love, light and wisdom.
We will have a chance to live more from coherence and resonance; which is from our Soul and not our wounding.

There will be a lot more synchronicities this month, and signs that point the ways as well as, confirm you are on the right path and in the right for you situation.
The world of Spirit will be talking to you more.
It’s up to you to listen and observe.

The people in your life; as well as the people and situations that start appearing in your life have a special significance.
You will begin to see this more, appreciate this more and live by this more as part of your guiding principle in your life.

We are all not just receivers, but also broadcasters…
We are always broadcasting to each other and the earth, where we are, what we think, what we hope for, what we need and how we are really feeling inside.

Aquarius is about the collective and this includes groups. This Full Moon will bring more of a focus on group consciousness, group and main stream beliefs and how this affects us individually.
It’s time to choose what is most life-enhancing and to leave the rest…

We are learning through various ways that not only are we “all in this together”; we are all together…
We – the collective are all on Earth – Gaia together…
This portal subconsciously starts a new trend; which will begin to be more evident to the surface awareness when Saturn transits back into Aquarius.

My suggestion is to align to the underlying trend and not the outer, so you don’t need a “Rude Awakening”. The lightening bolt of Uranus can also be a light as a feather, creating, a tickle, a ripple and a sense of relief.
Our own centering and spiritual tools; as well as our Soul connection through our Higher Self will help us weather the storms and navigate through them.

This month take some time to broadcast more clearly your true needs, desires and dreams.
The more you are connected to your Soul Power the more synchronicity and synergy in your life.
It’s all about the resonance and energy.
The energy will be very electrical the next 3 weeks, so why not give it a try.
Broadcast a clearer, truer, more authentic you…
You can start by daring to dream and focus on what you really need and want from that little voice inside…

Soul Insights Aquarius Full Moon Mantra:

I open up and free up to broadcast a clearer signal of a more authentic Soul powerful me.
I now broadcast a clearer and genuine signal to draw in those Soul connections from the heart that are in mutual Soul Alignment for our Path.
As I meet with others I share my Soul power in love and service.

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