August Energy -Embrace It…

The Unknown Is not only highlighted this month, but emphasized…

It might be a good idea to ask yourself: “What color highlighter do you like to use?”

In other words what is the filter, or what are the filters you are using for viewing, picturing and navigating through your circumstances?

The colors you use, the metaphors, analogies and the way you view; as well as interpret what is happening in your personal life and in the collective is going to greatly influence what you experience.

If you are feeling oppositional, perhaps ask yourself, what needs balance, harmonizing, integration and attention from me in my life.

It’s good and actually beneficial to keep a pulse on what is “happening” around your; however, it’s not beneficial to allow it to dictate your thoughts, feelings, emotional state, or beliefs.

Our navigational, as well as truth determining system is within us.
It’s inside us in our center; not outside of us somewhere…

This month is a 48/12/3 numerically, so this also means there will be A LOT of influences and opportunities either presented to us, or coming at us.
Discernment is key at this time, as well as is the key….

Discernment will not only determine your experiences; as well as, priorities it will help you open what needs opening and closing, or locking what needs completing and putting to rest.

Trust your intuition and find constructive ways of having it acknowledged and confirmed.

Soul Insights Mantra:

I trust my inner knowing and the deep understanding from my Soul.

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