Cancer New Moon – Birthing Dreams Into Reality

This New Moon in Cancer opens a portal to a new way of being, creating and taking care…
It’s a time for gentleness and allowing the emotions of the past to come through you to be expressed.
During the energetic portal of this New Moon allow your true feelings come to the surface and be present to the messages they have for you.
The deeper emotional needs and feelings will rise to the surface to clear the way for your true inner guidance in preparation for the new direction and/or new projects for you.
One new project will be “you”…

We are all our own project and masterpiece. We are the artist and creator within,
We are also our own mother and father from the internalized mother and father within…

It is time to mother and nurture our body more; as well as our creations…
Our body is a Divine creation that is a container for our Soul Expression.
It is the place we embody the Universal Energies of the Divine, as well as express and experience these energies…
Our body is both the place we reflect and receive these sacred energies.

Our body is how we journey on this earthplane and it is the vehicle in which we manifest our dreams, visions and creations…
We create through our body – mind and express through the projects we create on our own, with others and by putting them out into the world.

This Cancerian New Moon brings a very powerful energy of new beginnings through mothering, nurturing and supporting our body, emotions, life and creations.
As this New Moon begins it’s opening energies in the sign of Cancer emotional releasing, emotional situations and emotional reactions will be peaking.

Cancer is the opposing, or you could say complementing sign of Capricorn.
Capricorn being the fathering principle and Cancer the mothering they are meant to “work” together blending and balancing their energies and expressing in tandem.

The energies leading up to this New Moon in Cancer, as well as the next 2 weeks will bring a focus for you as to how you are nurturing yourself, aspects of yourself, those in your life, and how are you being nurtured.
Also, a focus will be on your creations, projects and what you express, as well as “put out there” in the world.

Some questions to ask during the next couple of weeks:
🌙What nurtures my body, mind, spirit and soul?
🌙Am I doing what I need to and want to nurture my body, spirit and soul?
🌙Are my creation done in love and joy?
🌙Do my relationships support my life and lifestyle?
🌙What are the projects and creations in my life that need my loving care and stewardship?
🌙What needs finishing, or finishing touches in my life at this time?

Someone and something needs your love and care.
This someone is you and the something is what is bringing love, joy, meaning and purpose to your life.

Soul Insights New Moon Mantra:

I am the mothering and nurturing principle of my dreams and creations.
I feel loved and fulfilled as I birth my dreams into reality.

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