Spirit Hellos and Our Spiritual Connection

We are always connected to our loved ones on the Spiritplane…

It’s not only our Spirit team, Guardian Angel, Angels, or Spirit Guides that travel the Soul Path with us, but also our family and friends.

Whomever we are close to remains close to us.

Our ancestors and close loved ones are reaching out to us even more at this time…

.Our loved ones and Spirit team are always close by, however a lot of times we are overly focused on the “seen only” material plane and material concerns.

As our loved ones that cross over acclimate a new way if communicating is developed.

I see this when as a Bereavement Counselor a trained and initiated Shaman I guide those in the sacred passage of releasing their body and expanding into the formlessness of The All That Is to use their sight beyond the eyes- the psychic sight and to see and feel beyond the body and to talk telepathically.

.The “otherside” or spirit realm is not separate from us, but separated iut by vibration. It is within and makes up the subtle energy and etheric/astral fields.

Some ways those on the otherside reach out to connect and communicate can be through dreams, continuous thoughts of them, feeling their presence, smelling their scent, hearing their bark or voice.

If you are hearing your name called out and no one is there physically know this is one of your loved ones saying “hello”, checking in on you, or coming to comfort; as well as reassure you.

Finding pennies, dimes, quarters, and in fact any form of money is a message from the spirit realm.

Your phone calling you, or their number, name in the contacts, missed calls, voicemails, texts, or their picture all of a sudden scrolling up or suddenly appearing is a hello and message.

Sometimes cupboards open and close, lights can blink, turn off and on, music can all of a sudden play, books that are secure can suddenly fall off the shelf are messages and ways of reaching out to us.

Spirit uses electronic devices, TV’s radios and other electrical-magnetic & radio/radar frequency modes to use the energetic vibrational frequencies that creat the portals to connect in through the vibrational waves of energy.    These are only a few ways.   There are so many, these are some of the main ways.

Also, know that the more you open to the communication, communicate and nurture the relationship just like on this plane, the more you will feel your connection with each other and the more consistent.

This is also why you may feel their presence before seeing their holographic image.        The Spirit world comes to us through our dreams, daydreams and meditation.

The main reason is to connect we need to be expanded above the beta frequency. This is the level of ‘the news’, gossip and most mundane activities. It is also the vibrational level of the surface mind, trying to figure it out, analyzing; as well as fear thoughts, worry and doubt.

Our loved ones and Spirit team – Spirit guides connect in and through vibration, energy, resonance and telepathically. It takes a little adjusting to learn the Spirit ~ Soul language.

Remember it is in you, within you and encoded inside your very body and being. It is your first language.

If you want to contacta loved one take time when it’s quiet to say their name and ask them to come through with a hello, a message and/or to let you know they are OK.

They are OK – more than OK of course. This is more for us as Spirit in human form on the human plane.

This connects us emotionally, and emotions are the carrier waves.

Energy in motion… It’s how connect, direct, release and transmit. Most importantly it’s how we connect,

It amps our psychic juice.

Not emotionalism, but emotions and feelings.

Let yourself acclimate to the “new” communication mode with your loved ones and trust your connection with them and what you receive.

i have been receiving a lot of communication from the Spiritplane, my Spirit Guides, Oversouls, family, friends, clients, and my dear furbaby Yoshi.   I have been receiving a lot of downloads and being guided through visions like I had been years ago..  I do know that the frequency and intensification is due to the planetary and humanities circumstances  and what is to come in the next wave of experience and unfolding.  Just know you are being guided and take extra time to be silent and in silence.  To notice what you hear and feel….

Try to unplug from outer pulls and dictates; especially from those people,  writings, posts, situations that through you off center with no centering point or positive, inspired action for you to integrate in your everyday living.

Yoshi has been coming through with barks, hats falling off in a straight line off the wall, here scent, and being guided to certain books, writings and seeing her holographically..  It is such a heartfelt and comforting experience to feel those we love around us and to be reassured by their presence.

Take the time to feel the interconnectedness of everything and everyone.  Know that all has meaning and purpose and that out of loss, change, chaos comes creativity, new directions and new order for what is cosmologically  and ultimately on the earth and worldly level more life-enhancing.

Much Love Soul Light

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