A Time for Healing and Making Peace

We are in the 13th wave of a cycle and a new pathway is being forged.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer brings a lot of emotional, reminiscing, nostalgic energy and for many energy of grief.

The focus here is not to “make us sad”, even though we might be, but to allow our emotions and feelings to come to the surface.
It is important to grieve and understand how our losses has affected us and shaped us.
It is a time of appreciating what we had and have through the transformative power of transition, change, loss and the grief that comes from our loss.

We long for what was and for who was with us…
An earlier time may seem like a better time.
The unknown of the present is daunting because, on some level, we know a lot has changed and is not going “back”

The “not going back” and “the able to go back”, because there is no “back” – back to the old way of being, the old system, the old relationship, the old connection, the old house, the old job or the old job is what is daunting.

We are required to turn and tune within, to trust our inner guidance.
We are required to rely on something deeper and to forego conclusions and knee jerk reactions.

This New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse is both an energy and focus of new beginnings, endings, closing out and opening up….

Our individual and collective security is being challenged and it would seem by outer circumstances, relationship and life disappointments and challenges that we are being destabilized; as well as losing our security.

Our security and the type of security that we need is changing…
It is an inner security and a security based in consciousness and our own connection to something more than an ego based reality, plans, laws or principles.

We will all individually and collectively be redefining our security and what it means to have security.
Justice, fairness and the right to expect these concepts and experiences are a form of security.

Take time to contemplate what truly makes you “feel” secure.
You may have to reframe it and give it a broader definition, as well as contextualize it with something more than a material focus.

Ultimately, we learn our security is an security within and our interconnectedness to everyone and everything…

No “man” is an island and no one succeeds, or is truly secure alone…

Our interdependence is a kind of freedom to not have to be or do it all on our own.

In many ways our strenghth is vulnerability and openness…

To be porous, flow like water and be able to bend like bamboo…

We learn from this last bit of testing, releasing and reconfiguring in this Eclipse Cycle that much of our strength comes from an ability to wait, rethink and go within.

There is an inner stability that brings an eternal security by being guided by our Higher Self and living in the flow of the Source Energies of The All That Is….

There is a Higher Principle and deeper meaning to all that happens

We may not see it or know it in the moment it is happening, but there is a security in knowing that ghere is a higher purpose and it will be revealed…

In fact, if we get quite and really observe we will see it and know it…

All will be revealed.

It may be revealed in pieces like a puzzle. but if we look we will see the whole picture; or at least begin to…

To know you are guided by an inner compass and inner knowing is a type of security..

As always the answers lie within.
We need to take the time to let them be received and revealed to us from a deeper, yet more expanded part of us.

Soul Insights Mantra:

As I rest securely in my connection to Source Energy -The All That Is I realize and am able to live more securely within and abundantly in my life.

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