What I Love, Who I Love and How I Love All Starts with Me

It is time to advance our expression as a humanity; and to express through more conscious relating and relationships.
New ideas of how to live and experience life more in harmony become clearer and more important.

This Gemini New Moon brings a hint as to what is to come to humanity when we can look beyond the opposing views, oppositional forces and polarization.
As part of nature individually and collectively we are meant to live predominately in harmony, coherence and in resonance.
Harmony is our natural and neutral state of being; and you can also term it living in homeostasis.

We are meant to have some stress, but not live in distress.
We are meant to have some conflict, dissonance and discord, but not predominately.
We are wired for harmony…

Metaphysically, astrologically and psychologically all oppositions, or tension of the opposites whether within oneself or an outer situation are to bring awareness.
The purpose of polarization is to bring awareness as to what needs to be acknowledged, balanced, harmonized and integrated to create more harmony and balanced view and/or expression.

The energy and function of Gemini is to reveal the ‘relationship’ of the oppositions and the interplay of energy therein the polarization…
In becoming aware of the polarization we can then have a greater awareness of the oppositional views, understanding, focus and/or expression. This awareness can then begin a dialogue and the actions to bring more of a centered approach; which can bring more understanding, peace, calm an harmony to our relationships, situations; as well as, ourselves.

This New Moon in Gemini aspects Venus Retrograde.
I’m not going to dive deep into the astrology of it; however, suffice to say this aspect highlights the need to review where your mind, thoughts, ideas and beliefs stem from, and how helpful are they really for you.

Venus which represents and reflect our values, principles, what we value, what we love and how we love shows us our values and how to attain what we value.
Venus also rules money, “luxury items” and lifestyle.
Mercury is the personality/ego ruler of Gemini and the planet Venus is the Soul Centered ruler of Gemini…
Mercury ruling not just our thoughts and communication, but our mind joins the Venusian focus of harmonizing, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, views, relationships and the expressing; as well as living out these ideas, beliefs and views in relationship to each other and all life.

This is important to note and understands, because what this reflects it is not just enough to see the opposition and become aware of the polarization in our personal lives and in our societies, world and views, but Venus has a focus of blending and harmonizing…
Venus represents aesthetics, harmony, beauty and love, so this is a key directive.
To advance as a life form we have to learn to created more balance, Harmony and live more lovingly.

The next 2 weeks are going to bring some wonderful openings and opportunities to do just this in our lives…
It starts as always, first with us individually…
As we live this way it will become easier to do this with others.
Look for areas in your life that need reconciliation, reassessing, and forgiveness.
Be open to forgiving yourself and others, as well.
Focus on ways to bring more balance into your life as well as seeing others point of view.

Soul Insights Mantra
As what seems opposite to me becomes complementary to me I experience more harmony within myself, my life and relationships…

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