2020 The Collective Energy and Your Personal Numerology Year

The energy of the year 2020 is a “Turning Point” year beginning an anchoring of a new energetic pattern on Earth.
2020 as a double “Turning Point” year marks a time of culminations, karmic completions, updating of collective beliefs, updating of societal beliefs, spiritual principles, updating of relationship dynamics and up-leveling of foundational relating patterns.
Collectively we are in a 2020 year. The subset numerical energy and influences is: 40/4 year.
Our individual year is from our birthdate to birthdate. The individual years and how to calculate your personal year is in the last paragraphs this blogpost.

As a 2020 cycle it further breaks down to a 40/4. This means all the updating, up-leveling, growth, change, transformation, restructuring, releasing and eliminating is all done to create structures that are more stable.
With this cycle it is a good idea to be adaptable and not get too locked in to “how” things will unfold or the ultimate “result”.
As a time of culminations, endings, karmic completions and relating pattern completions it is a time of restructuring, reconstruction and construction; whichever one brings you the most heart connection and Soul Alignment for more fulfilled Soul Expression.
There will be a lot of decision making; as well as new insights and expanded awareness that puts you in a new direction with new people and new environments.

Expect and allow the unexpected. This means to learn to align to the flow of what is actually happening instead of resisting the natural flow of events. If something is not for your highest good, the most life-enhancing and for the most Soul fulfillment it will not end up being fully manifested.

The re-direction of energy is toward a life that is more connected to your Higher Self and Soul centered.
The New Paradigm and the New Emerging Consciousness that is ushering it is is all about “The Soul” – Soul fueled living… Soul Aligned decisions… Soul centered creating and manifesting and Soul Connected relationships and Lifestyle.
Since it’s all about the Soul, it’s also all about your Higher Self, the conduit of the Soul.
When you are connecting to and living from your Higher Self it is the Soul and Soul Design.
Discernment is also key now. A good question to get in the habit of asking is:
“Is this for my highest good, the most life-enhancing and really fulfilling on a Soul level.

It is a time of making the most life-enhancing decisions and following through in practical ways.
This is not a time to only dream, daydreams, visualize and build castles in the air. It is also a time to persevered and put foundations under those castles in the air.
The restless energy of this cycle is meant to be channeled into Soul fulfilling creations. Under this energetic cycle you will feel more creative and like you have to do, be and create something.

This energetic cycle brings BIG changes… The changes that ensue are those that greatly impact living conditions, jobs, careers, relationships and the very premise and philosophy as to how you live.
It is not uncommon to not only move house and change residence, but lifestyle.
Moving to a different state; or another country are quite common, as well as. Complete career changes.

This 2020 cycle also ushers in a time of reframing how we think about relating, relationship dynamics, the very idea of relationship and our interconnectedness to each other and all of life.
Much will change in the way we view all types of relationships as well as how we live and work.
In truth we were always to recognize that all of life is synergistic, based on resonance and symbiotic, now due to governmental, political, financial, societal and humanitarian needs and experiences many more people will awaken to this fact.

The underlying aspect of all life is relationship; and the unifying principle is love.
Whether this is wanting and needing love, lacking love, a cry for love; or an expression of love all life is based on love.
This love can be basic care, self-care, appreciation, affection, creating, supporting, inspiring, connecting and sharing; as well as thriving in life and/or basic survival.
Synergistic; as well as synchronistic connecting and sharing will be a theme that becomes more evident and used as a kind of barometer, GPS on our path.
More people will come to see how important all relationships are; as well as our relationships to the environment and earth.

This is a time of ‘Karmic Pattern Completion’; which means that the very foundation, impetus, drive, motivation and inspiration for our relationships and life are changed and changing further. Don’t resist the urge to change and the updated, more expanded beliefs that you are now thinking. The “Karma” of the old cycle has ended to a great degree, and winding out to completely be transmuted, transformed to completely end. For many you have ended a big chunk of it and can not longer relate how you use to, or to what you use to because it is no longe a vibrational match. You are innately and instinctively choosing differently. You have moved to the harmonizing point of view and living.

The sandbox you have been in has now gotten bigger, and there are new people, new things which bring you new experiences. For some you. are leaving the little sandbox to explore different realms, different environments for more fulfillment.
The changes and explorations you are drawn to are actually all coming from the realm of your Soul guided by your Higher Self.

All of this transformative change is for a living experience from a more expanded way of being and higher consciousness for more love and loving relationships.
2020 brings more of a focus on Soul Connections and using less of our ego drive and more of our Soul Drive for more loving relationships and fulfilled living.

Each cycle is an initiation for the Soul and part of the Soul’s journey of unfolding and Soul expression. These cycles can be read, attuned to, aligned to and used via the system of Numerology.

Each year in January; which is the agreed upon ‘New Year’ we have a new energy cycle for the year. This cycle brings a main theme with it and 2-3 sub themes. These cycles bring learning lessons, evolutionary changes, opportunities for growth, healing, more awareness and a collective focus and integration.
Each year we have our own individual energetic cycle, which is personal to us. We have 2 main cycles that affect us; our individual; as well as the collective cycle.
Our individual cycle is based on our ‘birth year’; also, known as our ‘Solar Return – (Soular Year).
When we know what personal cycle, or Numerology cycle, we are in we can align to the universal energies for the most fulfillment, and life-enhancing.

To calculate your personal number year take the number of your most recent birthday year.
1. Add all digits of your month and day of birth + 2019:
Month ___ + Day ___ + 2+0+1+9 = ______
2. Now add each single digit of your total to arrive at the single-digit Personal Year number:
_____ = ______+ ____= _____
(Total) = (1st single digit) + (2nd single digit) = (Personal Year number)
If your most recent birthday is December 31, 2018, then you would use the year 2018 to calculate.
However, if your birthday is January 1, you would then use the year 2019
Add the numbers together and condense to a single digit number from 1-9.
However, if the numbers add up to a 10, for this post i will share, the info and insights on the 10 cycle and the energies of the 1 cycle.
*To be accurate for your ‘Soul Cycle’ you have to calculate from birthday to birthday and not by New Year to New Year. *

Personal Year Numerology Cycles

A 1 cycle within this 2020 cycle will have many smaller changes and will have new influence in the form of new people in your life.
You will need to balance your need for individuality, alone time with your need to be in relationships.
Children, home, family and creative endeavors will somehow be a major focus.
Just make sure that your need for independence doesn’t go to extremes and alienate you from those you care about.
The changes that come for you can bring a special someone, more experiences of love and an experience of more abundance.

A 2 cycle within this 2020 cycle will bring a focus on relationships, emotional fulfillment and your home environment.
You may feel more domestic during this time. Your home and or moving will be a focal point; as well as changes in the home.
Someone could come to live with you; or leave your home.
You will be learning how to self-care, self-nurture and ask for more of what you need and want emotionally.

A 3 cycle within this 2020 cycle brings a focus on spirituality, psychology and philosophy and the very nature of life.
You may feel you need more time in nature or on your own to contemplate.
Your dreams may be very active and vivid. This is a good place to receive messages from Spirit and your Higher Self. You will have more synchronistic experiences and will feel you are part of the co-creative aspect of life.
This is a time to slow down a bit more and get to know your inner-self more.
It’s time to focus on the spiritual side of things, connect more to your Higher Self and learn to trust your inner voice.

A 4 cycle within this 2020 cycle brings a time of re-evaluation and reconstruction.
You will be revisiting familial patterning and previous decisions, to come to your own completion. You will become very aware of what beliefs, ideas and ways of thinking support the best version of you and which need to be edited, upgraded or deleted all together.
Most likely you will be learning something new; or going to a distinct new level.
Finance will also be a focus for you during this cycle.

A 5 cycle within this 2020 cycle brings an ending to what is no longer life-enhancing enough, or serving your Soul Path.
It’s a time of weighing where you are to where you have been and to tun within to see what inner direction you are receiving.
People will come and go during this cycle, and someone from your past may come back to wrap things up. Perhaps even to apologize, or you may feel the need to apologize.
It can be a time of needing extra down time; or on your own time.
It is a transition time and a time of bridging. You are releasing enough of the old to go into the new.
You maybe aware of old emotional wounds and losses. This is so that you can put all in a context that brings you deeper understanding, growth, clarity and gives you a more empowering viewpoint.
For some there will be a Soulmate that is a life-mate that joins you on your path.

A 6 cycle within this 2020 cycle brings new beginnings, new environments, new directions, new jobs; as well as new career paths.
There can be major changes bringing you to new cities, towns, states and cross country; as well as international moves.
You will feel rewarded for all your hard work as this in not only a completion cycle, but a culmination.
Many of you will work differently and your live-work balance will change. You may even leave your mode of living; and/or leave your career.
The changes you witness and become a part of all our coming from a deeper aspect of you for more Soul Alignment and Soul Expression.
There can be a complete change of circumstances that brings you more fulfillment, happiness, and financial stability.

A 7 cycle within this 2020 cycle brings a lot of your deepest desires and dreams into manifestation.
For some there will be a focus on real estate, property and investments.
Most of you will feel a surge in inspiration and creativity.
This highly inspirational time will bring a focus on creative projects, creative collaborations, community sharing and help from friends, colleagues, groups, your Soul Tribe and the community at large.
For many of you relationships will be highlighted. You will meet people that mirror your deepest desires; as well as your shadow. You may experience the life-enhancing (positive), or non life-enhancing patterns (negative). Whichever part of your shadow you encounter it is all for you being more the best version of you living your best life. It is for you awareness, to heal, empower you, so that you can with love and compassion integrate in a life-enhancing way all aspects of you.

An 8 cycle within this 2020 cycle brings a time of reconsidering, revisiting, and for some redoing. This cycle is about gaining a new perspective. If you fight this cycle you may feel as if you are stuck and/or having to wait a lot. In a way you are waiting – the ego aspect of you.
This is about contemplation – reevaluating to get a new point of view. It is a time to go deeper within; so mindfulness meditation; as well as other forms of meditation can be crucial. Journaling would also be very constructive as well a Sankalpa, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Hypnotherapy; as well as other forms of innerwork and healing.
Taking time for walks, hikes, beach walks, forest bathing, earthing, and as much time in nature can be really beneficial.
There will be a lot of openings and connecting through small groups of people.
The groups you are drawn to will be signpost as to your values and what is important to you.
This cycle is a bit like a Dessert or Hors d’ oeuvre tray. You will pick and choose and try our your relationships and experiences. There can be special people or a special someone on this part of you path. Most likely it won’t be until the next cycle after your birthdate that you know if the person is going forward with you on your your Soul Path.
Learn to trust you inner knowing and listen to your intuition.
This part of you is leading you to the most fulfillment and most rewarding experiences.

A 9 cycle within this 2020 cycle brings deep transformative energies for inner changes. It can also bring sudden changes; and a sense releasing and having to let go.
All that leaves your life now has a mental-emotional component.
The deep cleansing and transformations changes that are happening psychologically, mentally and emotionally are happening so that you can change your outer world in a way that is more fulfilling and Soul enhancing.
Work with your beliefs and your self-worth.
During this cycle you have the chance to break free from overly constricting circumstances; as well any limiting thoughts, beliefs or behavior.
Many of the people you meet at this time will have the same issues and be going through the same or similar situations.
Emotional, mental; as well as financial consolidation will be a focus at this time.
There will be feelings of wanting what is more secure and stable in the material world, finance and relationships.
If you are not experiencing this stability and security the changes you make this cycle will assist you to build a better foundation for this stability and security.

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