Virgo Full Moon -Birthing New Forms from the Cosmic Dream Into Realityo

We are at an entre point of crossing over to a new threshold where nothing will be the same; and nothing is as it seems…

New forms and ways of being on this magical earthplane are being birthed into a shared reality and it all starts with each of us.
It is as if a cosmic inner alarm clock has just gone off, and we are waking up to it a bit groggy and worse for wear; but we do go on and move on – forward on our Soul Path.

Virgo is the birther of what is dreamed and envisioned…
The Celestial sign of Virgo in the Constellation of Sirius houses the focus of birthing the elements and forms of the Over Soul’s, Spirit – Universal Plan; as well as then protecting, nurturing and care-taking the forms that are birthed.

The sign of Virgo is very focused on manifesting the forms of the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm.
With this Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th there is not only a culmination of previous forms in a manner to see what comes forward with all of us in the next cycles and level of our life and what has to be left behind.

Virgo is able to see the details; as well as see and feel what is no longer serves a person in their life and the whole of humanity esoterically
Virgo deals with genuine needs and not extravagances. In Virgo we come to know what is truly a life enhancing idea, way of being, situation, relationship; or what is not genuine, authentic and of benefit.

This Super Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th is a very powerful placement for many on the Soul Path.
Depending on the revelations you have been having the last few years; and from the Pisces New Moon, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus energetic transit this past February and that is still in active transit as I write this on March 7th.

The Pisces Mercury Retrograde aspecting Neptune in Pisces really required some giving up and sacrificing of what is lesser; or no longer as relevant to what is newly emerging in one’s inner psyche, inner life and outer life.

You might think you have to figure it all out in your life and life decisions; and yet you can’t see all the pieces of the puzzle to see where everything fits. You can’t use logic and reason now; and you need to rely on your Spiritual Essence, Spiritual Connection and Spiritual Principles, Spirit and your Soul via the directing force of your Higher Self.

The word “need” is so important now. We are moving into an era of “simplifying”, “paring down” and “less is more”. The focus is on releasing the extraneous, the over indulgence, the greed, the over consuming to come to realize what we truly need and to focus on our true needs on the Path of Life.
This moves us onto the next level of Soul Connection and Alignment on the Soul Path.
It is a time of living much more Soul Centered and understanding what this means for us individually and as humanity.

It is a bit of a hazy, fuzzy time and magic is in the air; and yet we don’t totally understand what is going on and the reason we are being nudged in certain directions is just beginning to be revealed.
What we need to do, need to focus on and what we need to do will not come from analyzing and thinking things through, but by flashes of insight, inner guidance and our intuitive knowing.

We will be guided by the synchronicities in our life and the Soulmates from our Soultribe that are sent to us, we are sent to them; and that we meet in uncanny mysterious and helpful ways.
These are the “Magical Helpers” that we are just happening to meet and that are coming back into our lives.

The map is within; and you can’t figure it out by logic and reason. What is being created and birthed for your life starts within you.
You will feel and see it within you before it manifests for you in your life.

Look to the magical aspects of life and the magical people in your life.
Find ways to balance the routine and mundane aspects of your life and the cosmic and mystical.
These difficult energetic transits we have been having are an avenue to better understand our Spiritual Nature and to bring into our everyday life the Spiritual Aspect of our being and of all life.

Faith, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, turning within, the mystical – magical part of life; as well as expressing as an artist, creative, Soul expressing being is also what needs to be integrated into your life.

Being honest with yourself and others is important; as well as relaying your true needs.
Be open to understanding others on a deeper level, as well as revealing yourself more honestly.
It will be a time of heartfelt connections, deeper honest heartfelt communications and the understanding of the Soul, Soul Path, Spiritual principles and the Spiritual Essence-Consciousness will come to be more important in your life.

It’s time to see beyond the surface to the magic and mystery of life an all of creation; and yet in a way that is grounded and practical.
“Being spiritual” is the new practical, because you begin to realize and live from the understanding that you don’t have to “try” and “be spiritual” that you are spiritual – of Spirit.

Look for ways to connect more to your Spiritual Nature, Soul and come from your heart.
The key is to be more genuinely you and to live more authentically; which is also to live from more integrity and wholeness.

Use this intense and clarifying Virgo Super Full Moon energy to get clear on what you really need in your life to function more on a Soul level and to live more authentically.

We are all being guided to look at the big picture of our lives to see what needs to be altered, updated and changed to be more Soul Aligned to live much more fulfilled.
We are being asked to dare to dream again and take some risks to make these dreams a reality.

It will become very clear who and what is no longer fitting in your life.
There might be some difficult conversations that need to take place in a heartfelt way.
There maybe people and situations that you are naturally being drawn away from in your life.
What will really help you is to strip down, get quiet and look at your genuine true needs…

I suggest you do this on your own without talking to anyone about it. This way you get a real and raw version of your truth and not something that is diluted with other people’s and/or societies influences.
A serious look at lifestyle, how you are living and what is in your life on a routine basis will be a key component.
What is wanting to be birthed through you is a better way, your next best version of you and the elements of life and living that will not only support this, but express this through your Soul.

Soul Insights Affirmation:

I am genuinely, lovingly and abundantly connecting to my Soul for more Soul Centered fulfilled living.
I am now birthing from my dreams and visions a more authentic Soul connected personal and shared reality.

Virgo is the Virgin Birther meaning birthing form from the most level of wholeness and Soul Connection.
The sign of Virgo is also known as the Vestal Virgin.
She takes care of the hearth and home; as well as keeps temple fires going and is a caretaker. Metaphysically the fires are the fires of Spirit, Insight and Inspiration, the hearth is the home in the heart, of the earth and in the world in the name of service.

The name Virgo is also alteration of an Atlantean name for the “Mother Principle”.
Virgo as the “Virgin” is not sexless’ or doesn’t have sexual relations.
The description of her – the energetic matrix and metaphysical/esoteric principle that this feminine archetype represents is pure in the sense of operating from a very high level of wholeness and unadulterated integrity; or at least as much as possible within the level of consciousness of the person that is expressing this energy.

In Esoteric Studies/Principles and Ancient Wisdom Teaching it is said that Virgo is reflects an energy of the Moon in it’s depth, uncovering, and feminine principle.
The energetic matrix of Virgo is the ‘Mother of All Forms’ and the ‘Birther of these forms, and all that is needed to necessary to create, manifest, care, nurture these forms in service of ‘The All That Is’…

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