The Door to Spirit is Always Open…

The door to spirit leads to unlimited possibilities, new beginnings, hope that is eternal and your own God Power within – the Infinite Potential of your being.
All potential and promise comes from some place beyond the logical, rational and planning part of our being.
We can only plan so far and strategize so much; and then we have to let go to something bigger than the “little us” and our surface mind thinking.

This month there is a call to deepen your connection to Spirit.
there is also an awareness of what is behind our yearning, passions, desires and manifestations.
Where do these come from?
Why do we yearn for a certain someone, or a certain something?
Why does one thing inspire us and another we are neutral at best?

These questions will lead you to some great answers that will open some amazing insights and doors for you.
Even if you are focused on your finances, a long ‘to do’ list, getting a job, acclimating to a job; or career changes these seemingly outer issues do have a spiritual component.
If you can see this then you will have a certain type of liberation that will truly inspire you, invigorate you and connect you to your Soul.

Ask for help from your Spirit Team, God, Universe, Angelic Realm, Guardian Angels; or what ever you call the Spirit and the Spirit Realm of your beliefs.

The opening this month will look and feel like miracles and the challenges this month will seem like all is against you. Either way connecting into the spiritual aspect of your being will be the answer.
Take time to meditate and look to the origin of situations, circumstances and issues in your life.
If a relationship is causing distress, or requiring extra attention ask yourself what you have learned from it; as well as what you are learning now.
It’s also a good time to bring some conscious balance into your life.
If you feel you have been giving a lot with little coming back to you in return, then pull back and give to yourself what you have been over-giving to others in your life.

This month you will come to see and feel that everything and everyone has a spiritual component for you in your life…
This will set you free and release any hardened feelings or disappointments.

Soul Insights Affirmation:

I now begin to see the spiritual component within me and in all of life.
The world of Spirit supports me in all my relationships, endeavors and in all of my life.
I can now relax more into the Spirit of my Being and rest within the connection of my Soul

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