Your Dreams Come from Within Your Soul

Don’t keep going by what has happened in the past.
This goes from personal as well as collective and societal issues…

We are at a change point and not all is written in stone…
This Pisces New Moon aspects the Sun, Neptune and Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus.
There is something new in the collective consciousness.
The pathway may not be clear; however the signposts are there and in your path to lead you.

The next few weeks to few months there is an existential pull toward something to hope for, hope about, and believe in…
This hope comes from a belief in something more, something greater, something transcendent and for many something spiritual.

This is a beginning like no other, even if it isn’t overtly obvious.
There is something new and different in the air of the ethers…
There is a new feeling, a different feeling; there is a new orientation coming through and it has to do with something beyond thinking, reasoning; and what is more concerned with what is beyond the material plane.

This New Moon in Pisces with it’s highlighting of the Neptunian energies, due to Neptune being it’s ruler, brings a focus of Spirit, spirituality, faith, belief, the mystical, magical and etheric aspect of life.
Pisces is a mutable sign. It is a sign that picks up energies of that which it is around. It is a flexible, changeable and inquisitive energy.
The Piscean energy leans toward merging and blurring lines to feel it’s way in and around situations.
Being ruled by Neptune it is intuitive, and can lean toward a psychic understanding.
Pisces is not heady in it’s decision making. This fact should bring a greater understanding as to how to align to, manage and use this energy.
Pisces will think, ponder, even mull things over; however it’s own under the surface intuitive influence will ultimately be used in decision making and finding direction.
This is not a time to focus only what seems solid or tangible.
It is a time to daydream and be open to your deepest dreams.

These descriptions I share with you here should be bringing an awareness to you on how to navigate these waters.
Pisces is a water sign, and not only is water a large part of earth, it makes up a large part of us – our body.
Nothing is solid, everything is ever changing. Ultimately all goes through a mutable phase including us.
We are changing. It can be subtle, nuanced and for some it can be unclear, fuzzy, uncertain and yet life shattering.

Our dreams, desires, goals and our very own life is not fixed or static.
Some things are for a time; however, when the time clock within sounds with the message something is changing, altering or over we are best served by being mutable, hopeful and many times applying faith.
We can’t always “know” where we are going in life, but we can and are guided by an internal system within.

The energetic focus of this New Moon in Pisces, and the rest of this month into March is a call to test out our faith, our inner trust, inner knowing and spiritual beliefs.
It’s a good time to make some time to revisit our dreams, desires and goals.

Do these support our truth and bring us a sense of interconnectedness, belief in something more and faith in life.
This is where we need to see the road, even when it is not visible to the physical eye.
This is a time where we need to dare for something more fulfilling, passionate and inspirational in our life.
There is an upleveling that is going on; however it is not necessarily based on what is tangible; however it is based on what lets us move forward in our life.

You might feel as though you are at the end of your rope.
This is the time to believe that there is always more rope and as the magician in your own life you can magically extend the rope; as well as find more rope around the corner.
There is magic in the air and this magic is you…

Just breathing is magical…

Soul Insights Affirmation:

My dreams are signposts from my Soul leading me on my Soul Path.
All that I intuit is guiding me to the most fulfillment in my life.
The steps I can’t see I can feel from my own inner knowing and the inner guidance from within me.

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