Love is in the Air – February Soul Insights Numerology Forecast

We are meant to heal, grow, awakening and become more conscious; as well as share our life with others on our Soul Path.
The interconnectedness of all life is a big realization for our time on earth. With this realization comes a deeper relations to ourselves, with each other and where and how we fit into life.
It’s a time for deepening our connection with the people in our life; as well as our own Soul Life Path.

This month is a 42/6 and the energetic focus is on love, loving, relationships and drawing in more Soulmates and Soulmate experiences in your life.
There will be a feeling of wanting more meaningful relationships and more meaningful relating in your life. For many even where and how they work will be shifting to what is more emotionally fulfilling.

When I was tuning in for this month and doing the numerology I was a bit astounded as how much the focus of love, relationships, marriage, engagement, friendships and the idea of Soulmates was emphasized this month and in the Western World it is the “ Month of Love”, because of Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

I do feel that this year Valentine’s Day will be more focused on the “friendship” side of things. Not that it won’t have the usual romantic overtones, but friendship will be an added tone.
Many people will celebrate not only as couple, but with their family, and if they have children they will be a part of the special celebration of love.
A lot of people will celebrate the special day with special friends and/or a special group of friends.

Not to get into the astrology of it all, but I feel this is the influence of more of the Aquarian energy and an easing into more of the Aquarian energies of the New Age/New Paradigm; which has a lot of the Aquarian characteristics with in the foundation of this new era.

A feeling of home, family and being “at home” with oneself and feeling good in one’s body will be a key consideration.
Consideration is an interesting word here as there will be a lot of considering and choosing this month; whether you are consciously aware of this or not.
You will be choosing what is more fulfilling, beneficial, loving, kind, and attuned to you and your life.

Relationships of all kinds will be highlighted. For some this brings additions in this area of your life and for others you will be re-evaluating the finer feeling details of certain relationships.
Focus on what feels good, not only to you, but for you…
For instance two pieces of chocolate ganache cake may sound “good” to you”, but is it “good for you”?
This will be a good gage for all aspects of your life.
Does it fit into the big picture of love, lifestyle, and really resonate with you on a Soul level.

We also, have a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces ♓️ and then Aquarius ♒️ from February 17- March 10th.
This will tie into relationships in a way that it is time to examine to see if your relationships are inspiration and supportive to you, or draining, not supportive, or not supportive enough for your needs.
Feelings and emotions will also play a key role this month.

It’s time to release, or for some further release ties that bind, move into relationships of bonding, but not overly attaching; as well as to really assess to make sure you are not doing any self-sacrificing or placating in your relationships.
The whole idea of love this month starts with you…
It will become even more clear that if you are not loving yourself, being supportive and following your own dreams this is a big part of your exhaustion, disappointment and indecision.
This is also a decisive month emotionally; and for some this means an updating in long held beliefs and the decision you have been mulling over finally comes to a conclusion.
You are finally deciding, and a part of this decision requires a little risk, faith and taking a chance on you.

For some people you will be deepening existing bonds in your relationships; and even in special or creative projects. This will also be a time of increased creativity.
For some this will bring a special someone that sees your specialness.
Whether a new relationship, or deepened connection to someone, to family, friends, some project, to your health; or perhaps your career and life path love and what you love will be highlighted.


Soul Insights Affirmation:
Love is an energetic magnate and my love relationship with me is the key.
As I love more about me I draw in more love and loving situations to me…

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