Aquarius New Moon – Bond, But Don’t Cling – Freeing Up to Be More You

It’s time to update some ideas and beliefs about your life and works for you in your life…

This New Moon in Aquarius is a serious, yet, light and playful, but to the point energy. You might feel a bit uplifted; and some of you may feel like you are having an emotional enema!!!
Yep, Aquarius gets things moving and asks us to take a more detached view…

Aquarius teaches us: “Bond, but don’t cling”…
Whether clinging to the past, a person; or ideas and beliefs that are too limiting.

This New Moon in Aquarius squares, but also highlights and emphasizes the energetic focus of Uranus in Taurus…
Soooo, what’s been stuck in the mud is starting to move…

Is it you? Have you been stuck in the mud of denser emotions, situations of the past, past relationships, disappoints and/or ideas and beliefs that are bogging you down.
Perhaps, you have felt clogged up and in the fog of uncertainty, or being in transition.

Uranus co-rules Aquarius with Saturn, so make peace with your past and let yourself free up to where you are now being guided on a Soul level.

Aquarius is the sign of the inventor and innovations. It brings in an energetic focus on creativity that is good for the individual person, as well as the collective.

Think about humanity, be a humanitarian, focus on your community, Soul tribe and do what is also good for your individual Soul.


Now, is a great time to prioritize your life and put some action on 3 ideas, projects, goals and focuses that you are passionate about and that are good for you, and the groups you are connected to, your community/s, Soul tribe; as well as the big picture of humanity. 🧚🏽‍♂️

Expect some unexpected and/or unusual opportunities, connections, and interesting, odd, or unique people from your parts.

It’s time to free up and open to more of your authentic Soul Expression.
This week begins and opening, a little energetic preview of what is to come in March/April…

So, let that fresh air this week be you being more authentically you in expressing your truth and living your life.

Soul Path Affirmation:
As I free up from what has been bogging me down I rise up to express more of me authentically.

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