Let Go, Open up and Expect the Unexpected…

This month the energy is a bit erratic, bumpy, choppy all a top a smooth flow…

Today, as I write this I am snuggled on my bed with a cozy fleece on having done a voluntary evacuation from the mountains and canyon.
Yoshi and my friend’s dog are taking a nap;
There is a stillness in the air and some kind of reprieve in this pause…

As I tune into the energetic forecast this month I see a trend of “unloosening the knot”
This knot can be limiting beliefs, outmoded thinking, dreams, goals and visions that are no longer relevant; aspects of self, life and being that are complete.

It seems there is a benefit concert for us and a concerted effort via the energetic forces couple with this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio that is assisting in the chopping up, cutting away, dissolving, clarifying and illuminating.

You will see areas in your life that you “think” you have control over; as well as areas that you need to release over-control.
there’s an existential; or cosmic push to render the ego; and it’s conditioned response patterns less effective; as well as a push to focus on the present.

It is a time for the proverbial “Be here now”….
Have your ‘Big Idea’, your lofty vision and future goals; however keep your day to day living to the present moment.

Remember moments make up the days and nights… It’s all about the moments and minutes…
The grasp of out-modes living and outdated thinking is being loosened and for some pried apart.

There will be sudden turn of events this month.
Decisive decisions that may seem to those around you were made “out of the blue”. However, if you look back and contemplate you will see that you have been ruminating on these issues, concerns and decisions. It is just that now is the time the clarity to decide comes through.

Art, music, creative pursuits; as well as a coming together with friends and family will take key precedence.
There will be a over all feeling of wanting to slow down, communicate with those you care about; and focus on the relating side of life.
For many this means romantic connections, getaways and spending more quality time with loved ones.

Numerically this month is a 23/5. Fives bring changes and disruptions, situations of variety; as well new influences.
The 2-3 vibration in this energetic frequency brings a focus on nature, creative endeavors, collaborations, community, communication and relationships of all types.

We also have the 11-11 Gateway, which we experience every year; however it manifests differently depending on the energetic transits.
This will intensify the energy and for many bring a feeling of urgency to decide, do and complete.
we are in another growth spurt and we reach up to our celestial nature to more connect to our Soul.

Soul Insights Affirmation:
I am guided through all inner and outer change.
As new influences influence my life and my world changes I am Divinely guided to the best vision of my life and version of me.

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