Let Spirit Lead – Turning Points and Dreams Coming True…

You have worked to hard on an inner and outer level…

For many of you the “inner work” has been brought on by some pain, heartache, heartbreak, disappointment, loss and major changes that seemed to come out of the blue.
For some of you these changes have been in career, moves, relocation and changes in your money flows and job; or life position.

All this change has been a redirection on a Soul level ushered in and guided by your Higher Self.

We all have had to dig deep and so many of us have been squeezed like toothpaste in the container!!!! LOL…
You can also use the analogy of a snake shedding it’s skin or the transmuting and transformation process of the butterfly.

When in our cocoon it feels like forever and it’s tight, we mov against what contains us and what once felt like a tactile security.
In our cocoon we cannot even imagine the experience of our butterflying…

If we have been in this process before we can get a glimpse a sense of our butterfly experience because we have been here before.
However, since it is a different time and way, we won’t have full knowledge, understanding; or a complete prediction and picture of what is manifesting for us.

This month there will be many confirmations and validations for your inner work and other work on this earthplane.

You will begin to see the “payoff” and good, grounded tangible results.
Some of you are experiencing this now and are in the mode of living your ‘New Beginnings’.

If you are experiencing fear about these turning points and new beginnings into the unknown (unknown to our ego) get support; and reach out to others that inspire you and that are navigating this newness.

Whether you are tangibly experiencing these changes, turning points and dreams coming through; or if you are sensing it all right around the corner it is good to do a ‘Gratitude and Blessing’ ritual.

This will give thanks to what was, and show appreciation for how you made it through or are making it through.
Also, the ritual will help you ground the positive changes by anchoring the energy through acknowledging the Soul Path process you have been through.

You have gone through a very thorough passage of Soul Awakening to allow for more consciousness and awareness.
The Divine – Spirit downloads; as well as spiritual psychic abilities and Soul gifts have aligned you more fully and abundantly to the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm.

Trust your inner guidance of your Higher Self; as well as the synchronicities. You are being led by Spirit to what is more fulfilling and abundant for you.
Your next level of awakening is happening not “to you”, but “for you”.
Be open to the signs, messages of guidance and confirmations through these signs.
The synchronicities are leading you to more aligned and resonate Soulmate connections.

Soul Path Ritual:

On a small piece of paper write down the key points and phrases that describe all that you have been through.
Write down what you have learned; as well as any insights and realizations.
Write down what you appreciate and are thankful for, as well as the tangible new opportunities, situations, fulfilled dreams, desires or goals that have manifested or are beginning to.
Take a small glass and fill it with water 1/2-3/4 full.
Put your paper in the water.
Put 3 drops of lavender essential oil in the glass of water on top of your paper.
Put this on your windowsill for 3-5 days; or until the water has evaporated.
This sends your thoughts and feelings; as well as your wishes, desires and gratitude to Spirit.
This also sends abundant gratitude waves of love and appreciation out into the Universe; aa well as to all here on earth that have been there for you and have been supportive of you.

This is a living prayer of where your were, where you are and what is becoming and what is now…
In gratitude you honor where you have been and how you persevered to where you are now.
This also gives gratitude for those that have helped you in the Spirit Realm; as well as here on earth in your life.

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