Sagittarius Full Moon – Speak & Live Your Truth to Expand Your Horizons

There are powerful portals and doorways opening. Make sure that there are no limiting beliefs or perceptions blocking you from passing through.

In many ways what holds us back is not speaking and living our truth…

We are taught to live by programs… Programs that are “suppose to work” for a specific outcome. This is an egoic way of living and is designed to keep us “safe” and “winning” in life; however it is devoid of Soul Connection; as well as draining to our Spirit…

This Full Moon on June 17th is rising in Sagittarius to rise in a way to connect us with energetic doorways to bring us beyond where we were before. We can’t enter where we don’t see a door…. We can’t go beyond a belief if we can’t see it’s boundary. Doors are appearing; and some are already there if we look beyond what we usually expect to see.

It’s a time of looking deep within and in our interactions to see if what we “believe” is really what we believe; or is a defense mechanism and conditioned pattern of relating. Is how we are relating, actually how we feel; and how we feel like interacting.

The energetic aspects to this Full Moon that are being highlighted are not just about freeing up in our mind, but also in our relationships… What is binding, and not bonding will be moved away from to more expressive waters…

Emotions and feelings will be key as they be showing you what is real for you, and really important to you. Sometimes the only way to know what is real and important to us is to experience various experiences, types of jobs/careers and relationships. This Full Moon and the aspects to it have us wrapping up the “let me try this, even though it doesn’t quite fit”. The Soul operates by resonance, feeling, intuition and an inner knowingness; so it is becoming bored with the “let me try and fit the square peg in the round hole”, even though I know it won’t fit. Most of us have been taught to go for things, situations and relationships that leave us dangling, or hanging halfway out, because we just didn’t fit into the round hole…

Everything and everyone fits spiritually and cosmologically; however not everyone or everything fits into our personal life in a life-enhancing way. It’s all about the fit… The grace & ease; kinda like a nice fitting pair of jeans. You want to show your shape, but you don’t want to cut off your flow… Comfort of self is key now; and not having to prove that you can fit in… When you realize you fit in anywhere in the Universe the next level of the game is choice – “Soul Choice”. In this phase of Awakening It’s all about making our decisions and choosing from the level of the Soul.

This time is about the basic truth, and not what we are told is truth. This truth starts within us and is a reflection of our integrity, or wholeness. Perfectionism is becoming obsolete and giving way to wholeness. To be real, authentic and genuine we realize that with our imperfections we are perfect, whole and complete.

If you can surround yourself this weekend and the next 5 days with authentic people that you more highly resonate with and that you have a creative and harmonious connection. Be around people that you feel really “seen” by; and that you feel “they get you and you get them”… People that can be truthful, playful and honest with you.

We are all coming home to ourselves and sharing this with each other. This is what makes our life more real, authentic, interesting, loving and fulfilling. That our home is where our heart is; which is right inside us.

Full Moon Affirmation:

I let my heart lead me to where my Soul already knows to go.

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