Gemini New Moon- Open Your Mind, Speak Your Truth & Connect

This New Moon in Gemini brings a lot of differing ideas to the forefront.

It is a good time to have “difficult” conversations and “clear the air”, so to speak… Make peace with those you love and care about and try to see their point of view. In work situations and collegial interactions be open to clearing misunderstandings; as well as just taking extra time to see the other person’s view. It’s time to take in different perspectives and expand our perception.

Since, Gemini is an “air” it generally has a rep as a bit surface; and not liking to go deep into conversations. As an air sign it can be seen to be more mentally focused; as well as having a knack for the “gift of gab”…

Gemini likes variety, options and diversity…

Gemini likes to keep it’s options open and keep a few things going on different fronts in one’s situation and life. This is the sign that well reflects the saying: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. It is a time of testing the waters and opening up to how you feel the temperature.

So, this New Moon is also, really about opening your mind…

Open your mind up to new ideas, new ways of doing things and new experiences. It can be a good idea to entertain (another Gemini descriptor) differing points of view; as well as being open to situations that you normally would shy away from in your life. This not to say to go against your inner knowing or values; however, the Sage Advice would be if you are leaning toward trying something new, but holding back due to not feeling comfortable, or a fear of the unknown, go ahead and take a try at it.

Let yourself think of new possibilities and vision your dreams, desires, wants and goals. Have a think on your past and put it in perspective, rethink your future and focus on your dreams.

Esoterically and in Soul Centered Astrology, Gemini is ruled by Venus, which has to do with love, how we love, what we love, our needs, wants, desires, and values in our life. Something new is trying to peek out via your subconscious and from the Higher Consciousness of your Higher Self. Meditation integrating your Higher Self can be very beneficial and enlightening for you.

There may be conflicting ideas and information this week and in the end of this month. This is due to the aspects to this New Moon in Gemini. Basically, if at all possible don’t judge books by their covers, and let things play out before making major decisions. Keep things light as much as you can; as well as, be open to more connecting and communicating.

The first to third day after the New Moon is very powerful for mediations and New Moon Rituals. To set your intentions, and focus on what you want to draw in and experience as a New Beginning 24-48; and 72 hours after the New Moon peeks through have a potent amount of energy for manifestations.

New Moon in Gemini Affirmation:

As I open to the light expressing through duality I focus this light on the One Source of love, abundance and prosperity.

All that I need and want is being drawn to beneficially to me.

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