Libra Full Moon- Illumination on Life, Love and How & What We Love

A lot is being illuminated during this cycle and through the energies of this Pink Full Moon in Libra on April 19th.

Something new is bouncing in; and so something, or somethings are bouncing out, winding out, or falling out.

It’s a time for clarifications,  clearing up miscommunication, and misunderstandings.

Relationships of all types will be brought into focus to bring into more resonance and a more life-enhancing alignment.

Love- Self Love/Self Acceptance and Love and Acceptance of others will be highlighted. 💕  ❤️ 💕

We are being pushed, or lifted out of old Soul Playgrounds and comfort.

Balance and harmony will be an inner urge.  Just make sure you are not doing this at the expense of your inner truth; or denial and avoidance of what needs to be said and/or handled.

Old structures are falling…💥 

Some come crashing down; others, fall away, melt away; and we wind out of former entanglements…

For some this will be a ‘Tower Moment” and judgment in your own thoughts, ideas, and decisions…

For some this will come through your own realizations, inner knowing and wisdom.

This can come in the form of decisions, new directions, and taking the actions that support this.

Open to grace this month, go deeper and let your Higher Self/Soul guide you through your intuition…

I know I have said this before, but what is no longer server you, your greater good, families greater good, the jobs greater good, the greater good of your health, the greater good of your Soul is falling away; being taken away, ending, and/or changing for REBIRTH…

What is ending is moving you into a bit of uncertainty; and perhaps confusion for a rebirth = birth of the new…

It can be what was in a different package, rearranged, edited, updated and upleveled.

We live out our path and Soul unfolding in cycles and this is why I am always harping on it and read from a cycles energetic/psychic trend perspective.

Everyone is on a slightly or largely different part of the cycle and spiral of Soul expression, healing and change…

Sometimes we are egoically stubborn… Wounding makes us stubborn… It all comes from hurt…

Hurt people hurt people including themselves.

Sooooo,   Open up to what the Universe is presenting to you in the form of slight, planned for, unplanned for, radical, shocking, uplifting, inspiring, love filled, revealing truth and change….

It’s going to manifest differently for each person.

How you respond to it all is up to you…


Libra Full Moon affirmation 🌝

I am more trusting of my Higher Self and my own inner light through my gifts.

I allow the my inner light to illuminate the right choices for me.

I now am only drawn to relationships and situations that illuminate my inner truth and reflect the most love, resonance and life enhancement for me.

Love and Soul Light


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