New Moon in Virgo – Clearing Out to Snap Into Focus

This New Moon in Virgo brings is all about focus, focus, focus; and adjusting what you are focusing on
It’s a time to snap back into a more of creativity, productivity and the daily work of what you do to keep your life up and running…
A major part of this focus on a mundane level is: your health, wellness, your daily routine, work, being of service; and the practical concerns of your day.

The idea of service will be to the betterment of yourself, your environment and those you care for.
Part of our service is to our amazing furbabies, animal beings; also known as pets. 🙂

The energetic drive is to clear, to purify and detox to clear the body for energetic shifts mid month and into the end of the year that are bringing intense shifting and big change. By “big” I mean far-reaching and deeply impacting. This is not a time of surface revealing and small transitions… The transitions have been going on for a long time in a way that has set up our individual lives and the collect for major changes.

This New Moon will also be sparking an interest in processing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. There will be a need to get to clear up miscommunication; as well as communicate your true feelings and intentions.
Virgo loves truth, speaking their truth and living their truth… You will want to check in with yourself to make sure you are in integrity with your Inner Self and living authentically.
Be true to you…

From a Soul perspective the energetic intention is a fusing more with the Soul and what supports Soul Expression; or authentic self expression.
Healing and nurturing oneself and each other will be activities you are drawn to in ways that are more of a priority for you.

In Soul Centered living this Moon Phase brings in an awareness and energetic nudge to assess ones’s life to begin to objectively see what activities, foods, routines, issues, points of view, activities are diluting our spiritual energy, lessening our Soul connection; and dimming or blocking our light.
It’s a time to look at your everyday routines, and everyday thinking and see if it is in alignment with the Higher Directive of your Soul and aligned to your Soul’s purpose for expression.

Our Soul includes our Mental Body, Emotional Body (emotions) and Physical Body.
Look to these areas to see in what ways you can clear the energy to make it more of a clear channel for Source Energies via a stronger Soul connection.

Diet, exercise, the foods you ingest and what you ingest into your mind are good places to start.
Process and clear up any conflicts; whether inner or outer. Set boundaries that allow for the right amount of self care and self nurturing…

Don’t over tax yourself.
Take time to go within
Use your intuition to be guided to any dietary, food, and/or exercise changes.
Ground yourself through conscious movement; whether walking, yoga, dance, qi gong, marital arts; or any other movement that you feel brings you into balance.
Take time for mindfulness reflection.
Meditate to connect within.

A process that I use all the time for a “mind cleanse”, healing and resetting:
Projection – Perception
Taking Back Projections

A waxing New Moon begins a new energy pattern. The sign that the New Moon is in shows the focus of the energy the way in which to best use the energies of Moon Phase; and the house; which is the 6th house shows the area that will be most affected; as well as the how to align to the planetary energies.

If you know your astro chart you can look to where you have 17 degrees virgo and the aspects to this – Look to aspects to the other earth signs, mutable signs. We have a lot of earth aspected this month to assist us in grounding the inner and outer results of the intense shifting and the changes that have taken place.

Remember, this is not happening outside you or to you, it is being reflected by you from an aspect of your “cosmic you”… The you that is the cosmos…

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