What Determines Your Life Experience?

What are you seeing in your life, right now?  Keep it to the now…

What you see and what you feel is going to determine a lot about your experience… What you see, feel and focus on sets your “world view”….

It is not only how you perceive the world, but what you draw in…

It’s best at this time to ask:”What do I feel?”; instead of “How do I feel”

The “what”  you are feeling  or seeing is going to give you a lot more insight and information.  It is also going to connect you more to your soul, inner spirit and the spirit of all life.

Asking “how” tends to place in the polarity of “good – bad”, etc…

However, asking “how” can be good for recognizing  that you are actually feeling; or seeing something objectively or subjectively, which is perceiving.

Do you feel connected to your inner most being?

Do you feel connected and a part of life?

Do you feel the interconnectedness to everyone on some level; and to all life in all it’s forms?

Do you feel a connection to the earth?

These are important questions to ask right now; and to feel your way to your answers.

If you are not doing what is best for you, healthiest for you, most life enhancing and loving for you, then you are disconnected…

Feel it out to find ways to feel connected…Not what you “think” will connect you; or make you feel connected, but what when you do it you actually feel connected.

If you are over-doing the distractions, then you need to pause more and tune within.

This doesn’t necessarily mean “formal meditation”.    It means simply slowing down to feel… To take your life experience in the moment in more, into your being is key now…

To really feel and observe the “what” of “what is happening” with you and your life.

What is happening in your life is showing you something… Either showing you what you want more of, less of; as well as what is reflecting your true desires and needs.

The “what” is a mirror or reflector…

What is it reflecting; or mirroring to you about your life, as well as life in general?

It’s time to be more of a steward to your life, to earth, and to all life on earth.


Start with you…


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